When The Days Are Cold, Dark And Deary….

Posted: January 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                              Stardate: 64581.1 (Jan 30th, 2011)

Its been a pouring cats and dogs since Wednesday. Guess its time of the season again, and the previous one just ended a week ago. My room felt cold, even when I did not used the fan. So cold that I feel like as though I’m living inside an igloo! This monsoon seem to held back many of us to stay comfy at our comfort zone. Dead tired, that’s for sure. Let alone been sting by the Lazy Bug. Some would feel like sleeping once again, even after hours of sleep since the night before. Cuddle under those blanket, and to heavenly dream away……

Initially thought of exploring a place today. But this cold, dark and dreary day make me change my mind. I wouldn’t want to ended up getting soak, as I got this feeling that the rain would still last even when I’m there. It has been raining since early morning – since 6plus!! It has been a downpour…then drizzling….then downpour again. Now, its drizzling. From above, came a thunder. Dark clouds are rolling in like the angry waves, and the wind is never weary. Another downpour might be hitting down soon…..

I stop blogging and stared at the rain. Memories started flooding in, like the dark clouds rolling across the gray sky. It reminds me of the times that are special. Makes me think of her again. In days like this, I knew she was still in bed. Adorably cuddle under those blanket, sleeping away the hours. She was like as if she can sleep on forever! That’s why sometimes I love to call her Sleeping Beauty. Her eyes will open for a minute, and she will closes them again. Too comfy to get up. Still feel drifted away. And when she does, she will return back to her comfort zone in a few hours time. That’s if, she got nothing else to do after checking her Facebook. My dear Siti….you are just so adorable……..=)

I return blogging. On my desk were a plate of chocolate biscuits and a steaming cup of my favourite Nescafe. Nothing beats the odd when you have those to relax the mind while listening to the rain as you continue to type across the keyboard….


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