To My Dearest…..

Posted: January 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                              Stardate: 64571.4 (Jan 27th, 2011)

To my dearest Siti Rohani….

The joy of meeting you has always been wonderful. I’m glad I did what I could to make you feel happy. Each hour spend its like a sunny dawn, when you are around.

How can I forget that? I enjoy every second, every minute, every hour with you. But the day can’t go on forever. Even if I wish it was. Time cannot be stop, cause it has to end. But there will always be another day, where we will start all over again….

I know this may not be the right time for you. I understand that you still wants to enjoy life. Everybody wants to enjoy life. Well, enjoy life as it is. You are still young, full of spirit and energy. You are at your own freedom. Something which I can’t stop you from doing so. Its you. Who you are. And I can’t force you too, to be mine as how I had confessed.

But at least I confessed. To tell you how much I love you and care for you. I’m only trying to make you understand how I feel about you. Its been held inside me for all this time and that night its where I will pour out my feelings to you. The right time. I just couldn’t hold it any longer. I just have to say it out! That’s the only way to make me feel better.

Its ok if this is not the right time for you. I understand. I’m alright… Like I told you, I won’t force. I have no right to force you. Let alone hating to force you. I’m not like those type. You have a choice. But I always hope……you can be mine. If only….. Its a matter of time…

Sure you have many admirers in line. But I don’t care what they say when they finds out. People can say what they want. And I have no right to stop them too. Cause its you….who will choose….Not me, not them….

But at least I can still spend my time with you….as long as you are available to spend time with me. The laughter, how we tease one another…..I will cherish that in my heart. Every bit of it. Its worth every count, for me to remember as a memorable treasure…..

Love you…

  1. Azli says:

    Bro…you in love…=P

    As a friend, I understand how you’ve been through. Yes, its a matter of time for the truth to be revealed. I know you well…and you wouldn’t force a girl like her and let her take her time. Its means to show that you really respect her, truly from the heart. I really admired how you talk your way out of it. To finally confessed to her how much you care. I was like you before…. and I know how it feels like. The way I see it, she’s quite a nice girl, and she may be the right one you’re looking for….=)

    Nevertheless, I pray that you will one day achieve in your relationship. Slowly at the time bro. I will support you.. =)

  2. Ariffin says:

    Yes my friend. I will gave her some time to decide. I respect her for that. Her choice, her decision. We all want to enjoy life. But still, deep down in me, I will always care for her….

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