SPI Spooky Walk @ Labrador Nature Reserve

Posted: January 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                         Stardate: 63562.2 (Jan 23th, 2011)

The first SPI spooky walk for this new year 2011 will be at this oasis of tranquility and natural wonder known as Labrador Nature Reserve. Or some would simply called it as Labrador Park. Its also where it was once a British base or fort during WWII, and many of their historical relics, like the underground bunkers were still seen today. As in what remains which dates back to the 19th century. It also played a significant role in the history of Singapore.

Alas, as based on history, the fort and those big guns did not see much action during the war. The Japanese arrived in Singapore from the Northern coast, instead of the Southern coast which the British expected. A surprising “backstab!” None of their ships passed through the area at all. As a result, much of the equipment at the fort was put to waste.

I personally have explore this place before with one of the SPI Agents as part of my book of adventures somewhere early Feb last year. Its because of its historical grounds that intrigues me. But before coming here, I had consult a friend of mine who was an historian, and also happened to be a member of SPI to seek any valuable info that could help me during my exploration. When comes to history, he’s the best person and closest that we happened to know of to get in touch with. Thanks John! =)

There’s also been said that Labrador Park was haunted. There’s this article I’ve read that a group of 9 ITE students were somehow been possessed by unknown spirits and suddenly create a din at the park. This one happens 2 years ago, around 8pm. The students were there for a course which was been conducted at Labrador Park chalet-style hotel. Apparently, some of the students decided to go for a walk in the park. Perhaps they were bored after the course. Then an hour plus later, all hell broke loose from those students. They created such a din and acting strangely, like jumping on tables and screaming their lungs out. Worse, one of the students were seen been strangled by unknown forces in an attempt to help a fellow classmate who was been possessed. Both police and ambulances were activate to the scene, and the place was sealed off for investigation.

This article was also been posted inside our SPI forum. Update source later revealed that those students were been possessed when they passed by this narrow four-sided structure which ends with a pyramid at its tip. Known as the obelisk, and its located at the southern-eastern part of the park. Close to the shores. Heard from hearsay, that something or someone is living within that obelisk. Baffled? Some even claimed to have spotted apparitions standing close to this intimidating structure when they passed by that area at night. Again. Hard to believe? Was it in anyway related to the ghostly incident that occurs back in 2009? You’ll be the judge.

And so, yesterday afternoon (Sat, Jan 22th), we all gathered at Harbour Front Bus Terminal at 1730hrs, where we all will take a bus that takes us directly to the place. Been back here again really springs up that excitement in me. I can already smell that tranquility from the park even before we embarked from the bus =D

Before the event starts, I had asked our SPI member who was the organizer for this event, as to whether it is ok for me to share my side of the story about the obelisk. Since I had gathered as much info as I can from the internet and some from our historian friend, why not play my part and describe to the participants as to what I know? It will be a waste if I didn’t. And as to what I was told, this obelisk was known to be the prominent one. Not only from those hearsay, but as to how and why it was been erected there. And was it really a “marking” as to what many had describe. And the reason being, which till now, was a mystery…

Perched high ontop of the labrador cliff stood another prominent ancient relic which is believed to be a watch tower for the British. It was been describe that the cliff’s high vantage point led the British to identify it as defensive site to protect the entrance to the harbours of Singapore. At first we thought there is no way we could get up there. Also, the last time when I and my friend were here, I too thought of exploring that watchtower by climbing up the steep cliff. However my friend doesn’t want to, but allowed me to proceed while she wait at the bottom of the cliff. But I change my mind after that. Not only because of the steep look. But I wouldn’t dared explore up there alone while leaving my friend down there sitting ducks.

But not until yesterday, where one of our members happened to discover a possible trail that could led us there. Still steep. But after much struggle and effort, two members including myself who braves ourselves to get up there finally managed to ascend the steep hill. Victory!!! Yes!! Finally!! The rest of the group will wait for us at the bottom of the cliff while we conduct a quick discovery of this ancient ground. This is too thrilling!

Based on our observations, some of the rooms here were believed to be the armory and a radio storage. Or perhaps maintenance, as we notice that each shelves were labeled “Antennae”, “Electrical cables”, “Headsets,” etc. While the other, had the doors and windows designed to be heavy duty. Cause based on our experience serving in the police, as well as in the army, normally armory had this type of designed. Which led us to believe that this could be where the British store their ammunition.

There’s another tower there too. But because of the steps been extremely corrode over the years, we decided not to explore the levels. Also, some of the steps were close to being as thin as paper. One step, and that’s it!

Here’s the rest of the photos taken, which stretch till nightfalls where we explore the remains of the old fort.

The end of the event was filled with endless laughter and jokes while having dinner at MacDonalds. Another successful event conducted by SPI, and we sure be looking forward for more! Stay tune! =)


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