When The Days Are A Gloom…..

Posted: January 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                         Stardate:64538.2 (Jan 14th, 2011)

From the start of the new year, it has been a cold and dull days. The sky raining cats and dogs makes the days more sleepier, let alone lazier. Days like this really makes you hate to get up from your comfort zone and be struck by torments of work in the office. All you care about is the tranquility that lies in your comfort zone while listening to the heavy rain tapping against the glass window. Overlooking the gray sky, staring at the clouds as they tears down on the land.

For me, I normally have a cup of coffee in hand, while watching the clouds rolled over like a stormy seas. That’s if, when I’m at home of course. It gives me the sense of peace, relaxation, calmness, other than tranquility. Away from city life. Many would savor the thought of flying back to dreamland. But there will be those like me that wouldn’t want to waste those remaining precious hours sleeping back when you know that you have spend that previous half a day sleeping before you woke up. And what comes next will be boredom. The killer mood that really kills! Unless you have agreed or schedule to go out and meet some friends or out for an outing. But even when I say that, some would be too lazy to step out from their comfort zone. Because the sky was in tears, and you just feel too relax and comfortable to ignore that. Well, its home sweet home then……

Staring at the gray sky does had her floating in my mind. Wherever you are……I really miss you dear… So much! The thought of you coming back to my mind…..felt like as though I’m really drifting towards you. Really miss the time spend. Your touch. Your teasing. That adorable smile and that cute laugh of yours. It really melts my heart seeing those, knowing that I had make your day to be jovial and carefree. I may not know if you feel the same way as to what I feel about you. But deep down, I do, and still care. With all my heart!

Rain comes, rain go away. Day after day. Cold days like this sure does comes good when you are at home with a cup of coffee in hand =)


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