What Comes Around…..

Posted: January 7, 2011 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                             Stardate: 64519.4 (Jan 7th, 2011)

The time now is 0240hrs, from the moment I start typing this down. Still awake, and you can say that I was suffering from insomnia. Well, I sleep late anyway at most, since I’m not working the following day. Which happens to be today. At the same time, listen to some smooth jazz music while typing this down. I’m not much used to listen to such. But tonight, decided to have some tranquility running in my mind, and jazz seems like the obvious choice to get the blood running while I type my senses here.

The day before, upon returning home in the morning, I immediately collapsed onto the bed. That night shift two days ago was hell indeed! Sure, we do get this at most. But when the time comes where you feel you are reaching beyond your limits and suddenly felt lethargy, that’s where you come to a conclusion where you can say that this is the worst night you ever had. Talk about tons of disputes, clashes, conducting screening after screening……all seems endless. Indeed, like been plunge down to a point of no return. Those recent cases, really gives us the boiling edge of non-stop entertainment.

Then there’s the blooded mess. Night seem to fall onto itself when this situation rings out from the bushes. Like that fantasy tale where the clouds will fall right out of the sky. Leaving you breathless and sometimes having that sense of doubts, as to what comes next after this? Especially when been posted to such a district that is most happening when night falls. Hard to say the least, but you can sure be expecting more of these when you are well familiar about the place.

And sometimes, in such scenarios really reminds me of the movie RoboCop. I don’t know how that get into my mind, but the sector where I’m in is not some dystopian town where even the rats dared not crawl out of the sewers and hunting for food. But somehow or rather, it kind of reminds me. The way I picture it, but its certainly not some scary place where is on the verge of unchecked crime. Its thrilling on the other hand, as in most cases, where we will seek out with our lights on and sometimes without it.

Nevertheless, we still have to play our part. There’s no difference than what we have to do. Likewise, deal it straight or make it so. Most importantly, is to be sure you return home in one piece.


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