The 13 Cells X’Mas Nightmare

Posted: December 28, 2010 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                            Stardate: 64493.6 (Dec 28th, 2010)

As been stated earlier in my previous post, the former CID Headquarters located along Eu Tong Sen Street will be transformed into Singapore Ultimate House of Horrors by members of Imperial Ministries, whom called this Halloween alike event as 13 Cells. Opened to the public for the first time, this horror trail is also deemed as a Christmas event, since the dates were within the festive period. Or some would say, a Christmas Nightmare where each of the 13 prison cells were been provided as a frightful treat. Christmas will never be the same again…..

What was once used to house Singapore’s worst and hardcore criminals is now filled with a hordes of nightmares that lurks behind those cells. Ready to sprang their horrors at their unsuspecting victims. They will get that sense of foreboding and the shivers as they will lead into this horror trail of rusted cells…awaiting their fate…

As previously, me and the gang of Singapore Paranormal Investigators had conducted a series of test from the first two nights. Objects placed have moved on its own. Voices, whispers can be heard, and some of us have also experienced being touched, especially inside that infamous isolation room. The most talked of all in our list. This led us to conclude that this old police HQ is swarmed with paranormal activity, and were now deemed as one of the most haunted places in Singapore.

So much of it had left us to become the paranormal next. Haha! As stated previously, the Imperial Ministries had invited SPI to be part of their exclusive partnership. And as such, brighten us with this opportunity for our members to join them in cosplaying as ghost characters. Much as the same as what we had did before at last Halloween.

Welcoming to be part of this opportunity does brings back that reminiscence from that Fright Night. What a night that was! Till now, it still fresh in my mind. It was too enjoyable for us! And without a doubt, so for next year and so on =)

The 13 cells event starts off from 22nd – 26th Dec and 29th Dec – 2nd Jan 2o11. Our members who was involved as ghost characters can choose any of the dates available. All this depends on when we are free to drop by for the event. The time starts from 1830hrs – 0300am. But we SPI members don’t have to stay until 3am. By 2300hrs or before that time, we can already packed up. So therefore, I had choose only the weekends, since I happened to be off on those days. Perfect to scare off my victims! Hehehehe!

For the members of 13 cells, there will be about 50 of them dressed as ghouls and demons to spook visitors. While they terrorized inside the HQ, we SPI members were to terrorize outside the HQ. When I first heard it, I was like….you got to be kidding me? Thought we are allowed to be inside the cells, and scare those visitors from there. But turns out, that it was meant for the members of 13 Cells. Oh well….too bad for us though. But on the other hand, its better for us too to roam around outside. Cause its quite stuffy in there. True, as what we had experience when we are investigating the place. But at least we can make used of the “graveyards” that they had set up as our means to scare the living. Hehe…

So, me as the SWAT-Zombie will arise again to seize the flesh from the living with other ghouls that combines forces. Be prepared, cause ghostly invaders that once terrorized the Asian Civilisations Museum during Halloween are back!

Photos taken were based on that previous weekends, which was on 25th and 26th Dec. Some of them were taken by fellow members, which turns out really hilarious, but freaky at the same time! =D

It may not be as much “horrifying” like the one we did during Halloween. But we still enjoy the fright of the night there, as much as we can. And its still not over yet, cause the event runs until 2nd Jan 2011. For the moment, I (SWAT-Zombie) will be sleeping in my grave, and be out again to play soon…



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