SPI Investigation – Former CID HQ

Posted: December 19, 2010 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                           Stardate: 64468.1 (Dec 19th, 2010)

Singapore Paranormal Investigators:
Monday the 13th and Friday the 17th….

The two nights conducting paranormal investigation inside the former CID HQ along Eu Tong Sen Street had led us to convince that this old police structure is swarmed with paranormal activity. You can even taste its freaky atmosphere even before you reached the gate. Even recce the place in the daytime few weeks ago does send the shivers to our bones. This is no different than the one at Old Changi Hospital. But even as I speak, it does semblance much of its appearance from both exterior and interior of the place that once housed the most notorious criminals you can think of. One look, and its like a storm clouded over your head.

We’ve successfully managed to collect a whole documentary of “evidence” from these two nights. Ranging from both EMF and temperature sweeps, voice recordings, CCTV, all link up to show us what we needed to know, and what we needed to present; should we were required to. And each one of them were significantly stunning, shocking, and not to mention, hair-raising.

Each cells, which was located on the first level has a dark history left behind. But there’s one particular cell, known as the isolation cell were somewhat unique than the rest. Its a small prison, and better matched to be a storeroom if you asked me. Its all covered with soft green padding, but not as soft as the one they had in the mental hospital.

This room is specially design for those uncooperative, stubborn detainees, where the cops will throw them in. In there, it will be very dark. So dark that you can’t even see your own hands. Imagine the stubborn ones, be left to suffer there in the darkness by a few days. Not knowing the time, whether its day or night. And when they were free from that room, it will be like their first time seeing the sun….

Few of us had spend some half an hour in that room, conducting EVP (Electronic voice phenomena) session in an attempt to seek any response. And based on their experience, this is NO fake. The evidence is there, and we are in no attempt to exaggerate more than what we had accomplished. Only those in there can tell! There’s something definitely in that room, and seems likely, unhappy of our presence……

My own experience is one of the ordinary cells. I choose the first cell, and you can considered me lucky cause I happened to set foot on the “right cell.”

Spend some half an hour seated there in the dark. Conducting EVP. Do I get a response? Apart from been brush by a sudden cold and tapping noises, I do believe what I heard was a whisper coming from the right side of my ear. It sounded more like a woman’s whisper. Sure, I was spooked. But I fight that fear and gathered every courage I had available and continue the EVP. At the same time, the EMF that I had in my hands, had its readings went up to 0.200. And it just “froze” that by 3 mins. At that moment, it gets colder, and I swear that it wasn’t the cold from outside! The ventilation here is limited. This cold, is coldspots. I am definitely, not alone……

Could it be, that I happened to be in one of the cells, where the inmate was known to have committed suicide?

All that occurs on that two nights were all true, and nothing were fictional during the entire investigation, as well as filming. Our dedication, professionalism and commitment from each one of us had successfully turned this investigation into something meaningful and resourceful. I also want to say a big thank you to our special guest stars for joining us for this investigation. Hope you guys had a wonderful, not to mention, hair-raising experience with us on that two nights. You won’t regret this =)

My verdict: With paranormal activity buzzing around, this former CID HQ can be deemed as one of the most haunted places in Singapore to be chalked up on the A-list. It has caught many attention, many thrill-seekers, and the stories heard, were all fact. The presence which was unheard of, or never been felt for a very long time, is now been made known……


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