Singapore Toy, Games And Comic Convention 2010

Posted: December 13, 2010 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                           Stardate: 64449.9 (Dec 13th, 2010)

This yearly ultimate pop culture experience is back again to fill those avid fans of comics, anime, film, toys, collectibles and games with much more excitement and anticipation! This include gaming tournaments and cosplay competition. No doubt about the expected overwhelming crowd, as the numbers has always been great ever since it was first launch.

From Dec 1o to Dec 12 at Suntec City Convention hall, there will be a swarm of creative minds, where they will introduce to you a series of visual feast of variety on the newest, hottest and most exciting products, personalities and characters they could offer. There’s even illustrators from Marvel Comics, who will be sketching and speaking about their works. Lights, cameras, and all action, STGCC is now co-locating with Asia Television Forum (AFT), which is Asia’s leading TV content market. And this is also where the world’s TV executives meet. Talk about all that anticipation that will blown you away!

This year’s STGCC special highlight will be a female idol group, known as AKB48, which is Tokyo’s Akihabara-based female group. It was produced in 2005 by Yasushi Akimoto, a songwriter. Based on history, the group was born under the concept “idols you can meet everyday.” In Akihabara, which is well-known for being the central point of Japanese subculture including anime, manga, figurines etc, AKB48 has its own theater and performs there everyday. This group consists of 3 teams: Team A, Team K and Team B, dividing 48 members into respective teams. Besides the members, there are trainees who have chances to get promoted to the members.

These sister groups have been established in other cities like SKE48 in Sakae, Nagoya, and NMB48 in Namba, Osaka. Those letters and numbers does makes a big different to match their pop routines. =D

AKB48 has widen their appeal as an idol group in the new era by performing in various fields such as movies, TV shows, theaters, modeling, radio, magazines and more.

And so, STGCC will have the AKB48 Meet the Fans session, for the fans to be thrilled by their appearance, and will be given the opportunity to listen to their latest songs, play a game with the girls and if lucky, win a special gift from AKB48.

I met my presence felt on the weekends, since I’m unable to make it on Friday. Too bad our Star Trek fansite was unavailable for this year’s STGCC. So therefore, I had to rely as SWAT to make me suit up as in the character, and to join the guys from MoviaMania for that two days. Besides, I’m already getting the hang of it ever since I started wearing it. It really suits me well, as in that character. And most of the time almost feel like as though I’m really one of those guys! Felt so different, in a sense. But nevertheless, I’m still strong for my Star Trek side. Never will I abandon it.

This photos were taken on the 2nd day of this extraordinary event. Besides enjoying in what appears to be like a walk of fame, I also had to become a “K9 Dog Handler.” Except that it wasn’t really a dog I had tame. One of our members had put on a cute dinosaur suit, and she even had a long chain secure to her collar. Its all of a sudden that she choose me to become her “master.” She want me to pretend like as though she’s my “dog.” Or “TORAZILLA” as how she called herself. Really cute though. Me gripping onto the chain, like as though its a leash. And “walk the dog” all around the convention hall. She will even growled, snarled and barked if she feels like it. Even chase away a Stormtrooper, whose running was like a clown from the back. And just like any other dog owner, I will just have to scold her. Telling her to be nice and be a good doggy. And she will whined…. The cutest part of all is when I pat her on the head and stroke her, while the public had their cameras aiming at us. They were amused! Especially the kids! =D

Captain’s log                                                Supplemental

All the fun and excitement soon comes to an end at the very last day. And I still had to tame my dinodog though.

But the last day turns out to be something…..unexpected for me. Nothing serious for that matter. Its just that, its one of the things that I always thought of trying. Something that, induces me to give it a shot, but however have second thoughts about it. But not on the last day, cause I erase all that and went for the go! What I did? Dancing! =D

One of the booths were introducing the brand new Kinect for Xbox 360. It brings games and entertainment to life, without the used of a controller. Imagine that, controlling both movies and music just by the wave of the hand or the sound of your voice. Its control-free! All you got to do, its to wave your hand to activate the sensor. From there, the Kinect will be able to recognize you. It respond to how you move. So if you have to kick, you kick. If you have to jump, you jump. So for this dance, is to just follow the steps shown on the screen. There’s various of songs to choose from. Once selected, you are ready to groove to the beat!

First, I hesitate. Few of us had try it out. I was on a dilemma: To try or not to try. Somewhere at the back of my mind was telling me, to take this opportunity to try something that I always wanted. To be daring for once in a while. To seize this moment. To embrace this point of view. To be spontaneous. Do something unexpected!

Then….That’s it! I’ve made up my mind. I’m DANCING! I’m GROOVING it! =D

Yes, I did it!! And thanks to my friends who was there to show the support and encouragement! I finally seize the triumph! =D

STGCC has come to end. But this is a yearly event, so its never too late to visit the event again. All of us enjoy ourselves and were looking forward to next year’s and more upcoming events in the future.

And to my Torazilla, you have been a good dino on the last day. You’ve made your master proud! =))

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