SPI Reconnaissance Mission – Former CID Headquarters

Posted: December 7, 2010 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                              Stardate: 64435.5 (Dec 7th, 2010)

Tuck along at the side of Eu Tong Seng Street, and just about a 5 – 7 min walk from the nearest Outram Park MRT station, lies a dilapidated building. But this is no different than any other ordinary dilapidated building, as to my point of view and interest when get to meet it upclose for the first time. Before been abandoned to its roots, this was a former Criminal Investigation Department Headquarters (CID). It ceased operations far back in 1991, and subsequently all premier investigative agency and the pool of staff authority were shifted to the brand new HQ which is not far from where it stood, where it was named as the Police Cantonment Complex.

At first, I never heard about such former CID HQ, until yesterday (Monday the 6th), where a small away team of SPI members, including myself went to recce the place. It was located between People’s Park Complex and Pearl’s Centre. One look, and my mind started flashes back, which so happened that I’ve seen this old concrete shabby before. I don’t pass here pretty often, but I do recall seeing this old HQ before. Many years back probably. Sure, I take it as some old building like any other old building back then. But now, it comes clear to me that it was actually a former CID HQ. Its quite huge, but the new one really stands tall. This is really interesting, and the new one is only further down the road.

But this coming 22nd – 26th Dec 2010 and 29th Dec to 2nd Jan 2011, this place will be unveil as the Singapore Ultimate House Horror. Members from this so-called Imperial Ministers Pte Ltd had decided to take this opportunity to turn this place like a museum of horrors. Named it as 13 Cells, and was opened to the public for the first time! So far, the response has been good. There will be volunteers dressed in ghostly characters, where they will prowl and crawl around the place, the prison cells, and those levels that were once a busy police department where investigative support services and criminal issues runs daily.

Therefore, SPI were greatly invited as a exclusive partnership with the Imperial Ministers, and to have us dressed up as ghostly characters. We just have to do the same as what we had did during that previous Halloween, which till now, had many of us still couldn’t get enough of that Fright Night! This in turns, is something like Halloween. But more on a dark, haunting deeper side, which in a sense, still give the public to shivers down their spine. This event is also, part of a Christmas Event as it falls within that festive period. When comes to something that relates to our projects, we’ll be happy to be part of it =)

And speaking of haunting, that is another story. The fact that it was called 13 Cells is because of the numbers of cells been built, which is located at the first level of the building. Nice number for that matter. I was told that there were haunting stories whereby those lucky ones happened to witness sightings of paranormal lurks behind those windows when they pass the area at night. For some, can already felt a disturbance in the force, a presence that had not been heard or felt for a very long time. Stories gathered were mainly about the inmates, where they had committed suicide behind those cells, mostly by hanging.

So this is where, we will also take this opportunity to recce the place. To seek out the truth and to debunk any mystery that was yet to be solve. We’ve managed to get in-touch with the owner, who had also been in-touch with the organizer of Imperial Ministers. With his permission, we were granted total access for that day’s recce, and for the two-day investigation which takes place next week.

Upon reaching there, I suddenly got this feeling that, there’s something weird about this place. Sure, there were stories circulating about it. But there’s something about it that really raises the hairs at the back of my neck. It just so happened in an instant, and the atmosphere suddenly seems to darken. Staring at those walls does reminds me of the walls of the infamously haunted Old Changi Hospital. Now seeing it upclose and personal, I can say that I had never seen anything like it…..

Everything there seem to flashes back to the past, like going back to the time when the HQ was still running active. Especially the cells. Seeing them one after another gives me the picture of those inmates. I’m not gifted, but somehow or rather, I can sense a brief of disturbance within some of the cells. Inmates…..just seated there…..waiting for their fate. And there will be those, will just have to accept this fate, knowing that they are guilty. But, are those stories true? Inmates committing suicide. Or were they been forced to sing, till they couldn’t handle the pressure and had decided to end their lives once and for all……

Certain rooms we came across, especially the department levels had tickled the EMF readings at the certain level. The strongest one of all was this so-called room that were named as CONTACT POINT, which is next to the main building. We first tested it on those dangling wires and power circuits in that room, to see if they are the ones which causes the EMF to trigger. However, readings were low. And when we scan back to that particular radius, the readings shot back again. It occurs from one of the corners. The readings keeps increasing and decreasing randomly. But most of the time, it went up. Could it be, a power surge from behind the walls? Something behind it must have causes the reading to run rapidly. Or it could be, something that we could have been expected….

One of us had also sense a strong presence, especially from one of the toilets. She can actually felt, a sign bearing of certain “feelings” from inside one of the rooms. One of them is the room labeled as Contact Point. And when the presence is a strong one, she will somehow gets dizzy, which in turns, gives her headache……

Those rooms, were been marked for our upcoming investigation. Much as we are looking forward for the investigation, we are also looking forward for the ghostly event itself. We are at least familiar with the surroundings and how it looks like from the inside. Easy for us when the day of the event comes, so we have no problem as to when and where we want to position ourselves.

Its two topics in one place. Looking forward for both scares….=P


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