To Be Remembered……

Posted: November 20, 2010 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                         Stardate: 64387.9 (Nov 20th, 2010)

Its been a week since grandpa had passed away. I know that I have to cope with it and that life has to move on. But sometimes thinking back about him does makes my eyes watered. As what many would say, that as long as you remember your loved ones who has depart from this world, they would never be far away from you. Cherish that every moment, the memories, that you can in your hearts, as that’s the only special place that keeps them alive. I just have to be strong, and to face this reality. Everyone on Earth will have to leave one day. Its the human process that everyone of us have to face. None can live forever.

But still, I miss him the most. Whenever I watch my favourite Star Trek series or movies, he just floated back in my mind. And sometimes I really wish he was there to watch the show with me, like he always does. Even when I was looking at my Star Trek models, the thought of him just reflects back in my mind, like those were part of his memory that were left for me to treasure. To preserve that trek family of ours. To remind myself, that without him, I would never know what Star Trek is all about. Its all that’s left for me to treasure and continue respecting it as long as I’m still alive.

I will grandpa. You have showed me what I need to know, and I will treasure that throughout the rest of my life. You are still true in our hearts, and we will never forget what you have taught us. The lessons learned, and the stories shared. We will keep your promise as what you want us to promise. To continue living as a good family, and to provide the best for everybody’s needs.

And the night before, has been a rough start. Besides, its always been a rough start on certain night shifts. And by the end of the day, we were like hordes of zombies heading back to station. All weary and especially me, feel almost into a state of lethargic. I feel like as though I’m dragging myself across the floor instead of walking. I can’t even feel my legs! Since the slashing incident occurred, we law enforcement were put on a tough call. Now, there’s the third slashing incident, and things are just about to get worse. Ordinary people suffered because of those hooligans. Its starting to become like a trend among Singaporeans now. Its just pisses us off that this things happened so rapidly, especially due to some staring incident. You stare, you get stabbed. Like as though its some “strict policy” been imply by these hooligans in order to get rid of that person who stares back. Some bullshit! In the end, others not involved will suffered. Just for nothing.

Sooner or later, we cops gonna have to nail them pretty hard. Make a judgement call if we have to. We couldn’t afford to have another slashing incident. If these madness continues, the island wouldn’t be a safe place to live in……..


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