Teenage Big Day Out 2010 – Last Day

Posted: November 8, 2010 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                             Stardate: 64354 (Nov 8th, 2010)

The whole day has been a tremendous event. The atmosphere in the convention hall of Suntec City were like a battlefield jam-packed with talents and cosplayers.

Yesterday the 7th was the last day of the Teenage Big Day Out, and this is where the champion will rise from the three following contests: Teenage Icon 2010, Teenage Cosplay Championship and K-Pop Dance Battle. One of my cousins had took part for the K-Pop Dance Battle. He had grouped with two of his friends, whom called themselves as BE4. The contestants have worked long and hard for this, and finally, to congrats them for making into the semi-finals for this exciting event. Only one from each group shall be crowned a winner.

While they are battling for the big prize onstage as their battlefield, me and the rest of the gang from MoviaMania had our own battle to deal with. To entertain the members of public as cosplayers of course! =) Yes, as stated from my previous log entry, I shall be deployed as SWAT trooper again. I’m still on my leave, and so happen that the last event falls on the days when I’m on leave. So why rot at home when you know you are free for it? =D

Anyway, check out these loads! =D

Now here’s the fun part from our side. To add some excitement into it, those who dressed up as SWAT and cops had decided to had our very own police drama. One of the guys will video record us through his Iphone while we act. The scene is, we “police officers” were order to apprehend a wanted “terrorist.” One of the guys there had dressed up as one. He will either run or walked, or even created a hostage situation by grabbing any one of his friends. Our mission is to move in fast, and do as what the real cops would do =D The best part is where he will ran to the back of the convention hall, which is behind the stage. This is where it was been reserved for the participants, especially those who had took part in the K-Pop Dance Battle so they can rehearse their dance before performing on stage. The people there were so surprised when we came running in just to chase our “terrorist.” Man! We are meant for real, do we? HAHA! All been record on video! And the most unexpected of all, is where our terrorist friend accidentally hit me right against my crotch once we managed to pin him down. Damn, I nearly lost my manhood…..=P

Overall, the acting was pretty good. Realistic, and you can say that it was like as though it was meant for COPS, which is America’s documentary television series that follows police officers during patrols and other police activities. “Bad boys, bad boys! Whacha gonna do, whacha goona do, when we come for you!” How I wish! HAHA!

Our side stand down at 1830hrs. The activities in the convention hall is still on until 2100hrs. But for us, its time to call it a day. We had enough fun and its time for us to deserve a good rest!

Looking forward for the next event! Stay tune! =)


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