STGCC 2010 Invasion @ Orchard

Posted: November 6, 2010 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                        Stardate: 64352.3 (Nov 6th, 2010)

If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have known about this Big Day Out: Teenage Cosplay Competition which was held for 3 days. 5th – 7th November 2010, at Suntec City Convention Hall 402. Thanks Loretta, for the info!

And as such, I check with Reno, who was the boss of the local costume company, Movia Mania (MM) to see if his side is involved. Cause as what I noticed from its website, its more of a cosplay which involves Japanese animations, where teens (as the name of the event had suggested) will dressed up as their favourite anime. And its also part of Teenage Magazine, which is the country’s FIRST Teenage magazine, which happens to be the essential companion to their growing up years. On top of that, majority of the cosplay championships finalist were Japanese characters. Well, what can you expect? Every cosfest or cosplay, there’s surely a large group of them gathered, by no doubt. Their appearance, clothes, even their movement always sparkles beautifully, and especially anime fans, just couldn’t get enough of their favourites coming alive!

Reno confirms with me that his company were involved. It was part of the participating sponsors, and he therefore gladly welcome me to take part.

And since I’m currently clearing my leave within this few days, why not take that opportunity? I wouldn’t want to laze around the whole day at home, do I? And besides, its a good thing that the event actually falls right on the days where I’m on leave! So what the hell am I waiting for!? =)


I meet up with one of the guys who also coming as SWAT. Earlier, Reno had called him, that there’s a change of plans. Instead of going to Suntec Convention where the event was held, we are to meet at *SCAPE. Once there, we were told that we shall be participating in a road show, to promote the upcoming Singapore Toy, Games and Comic Convention (STGCC) which will be held this coming December on the 10th – 12th. So we costumers were all in, to promote the exciting event – and to entertain members of public as we invade the retail and entertainment hub of the city-state, known as Orchard Road =D

We are only to cover from Takashimaya Shopping Centre to Ion Orchard. Never mind about the weather, cause this is the part where we will get the attention and feels like as though we are Hollywood stars! At the same time, we shall also be involved together with STGCC members, who will direct us to our designated points from Taka to Ion. And the two of us dressed in SWAT attire walking down the street of Orchard Road were like as though we were meant for real! Get what I mean? Haha!

Here’s the day spend. Some of the photos were taken by our personal photographer, Jason Trooper. Credits to him! =)

Our Hall of Fame down Orchard Road ended somewhere near 1600hrs. And just as we expected, there still pockets of them eager to take photos with us as we route back to *SCAPE. We wish we can entertained them further, but we couldn’t stay there for long. Once snap, and we better be gone.

Some of them are heading down to Suntec City to catch some of the highlights. The actual event, or the finalists will be held on the 7th. That’s where they will also announced the results, to see who will get crowned as the champion.

And yes, I’m still on leave, and it ain’t over for me yet! That’s where we tomorrow, shall get ourselves involved with the Big Day Out: Teenage Cosplay Competition =)


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