Oct 30th – Halloween Fright Night

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Captain’s log                          Stardate: 64334.4 (Oct 31st, 2010)

Its that time of the month again. Where you go trick or treating, wearing costumes for costume parties, craving jack-o’-lanterns, taking ghost tours, bonfires, apple bobbing, visiting haunted places and attraction. Even committing pranks, sharing ghost stories, and that includes watching horror films.

Oct 30th: This is where you will explore the origins of Halloween. Some would say, especially from this modern Halloween, where the ghoulish and ghosties, and other nightmares of long leggety beasties will go bump in the night. Rising up to fear the living. Fearful shapes and shadows lurking under the pale moonlight, and giving that ghastly glare that terrorize the night. Fearing those and everything in the blind darkness! Halloween returns once again, where the lurkers will haunt the living daylights out of you. What scary imaginations, to give the scared out of everybody. As quoted by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle – “Where there is no imagination, there is no horror.”

I’ll say Sir, your words are indeed, perfect for Halloween! =)

Anyway, members of the Singapore Paranormal Investigators (SPI) had taken this opportunity to be part of this annual fright night of the month, and therefore shall make their horrifying presence behind the walls of the Asian Civilization Museum (ACM). Its the same as what we had did last year. As according to our leading SPI Agent and advisor, last year’s population of visitors coming down to ACM for that night was a huge pack of over 9000. And by no doubt this year will be another success run! =) Last year’s Halloween I wasn’t there. Initially I was been invited, since I was a member of SPI too. But because we law enforcement officers were activated for that worldwide global leaders event, I had no choice and sadly, have to reject that exciting event. I was one of the officers been listed. Once you are deploy for this, you can’t never escape. Expected it to be done and deal with.

But not for this year. No way I gonna missed it! Besides, there’s also no huge event in regards to any of that. And thankfully, it falls right on my off day! If not, I will have to apply leave earlier.  Like I said, I don’t want to miss this year’s Halloween. And so on for the next year and the next. Unless I was been thrown into some important or urgent matters that leaves me no choice. Besides, I love to dress-up, cosplaying. So what do you expect more from a guy like me who was obsessed into these? =D

And speaking of dress-up, this year I will become a SWAT-Infested Zombie. Yes, literally a SWAT cop been infested to become one of them. How I get this idea, is when I recall of a horror movie I’ve watched before. I forgot what’s the name of the movie, but it does reminds you of the first-person computer game, Left 4 Dead (L4D). And other horror movies such as The Walking Dead or Dawn of the Dead. As what I can remember, this movie was made in the 90s. What used to be a peaceful town, was soon turned into an epidemic of hordes of zombies because of a virus that was spreading. It start off as an experiment that soon went horribly wrong. Once the zombies gets close to you, they will transmit this virus to you. Converting those DNA, all those cells, turning you into one. With such a desperate call, a squadron of SWAT team were call in to eliminate the zombies. Some few of them were too, were trapped in the horrifying rampage and eventually, were soon not like what they used to be…

So I was like…hey, why not give it a shot? All I need is to get a zombie mask and make my SWAT outfit really nasty looking. The mask itself, I had brought it from eBay. I really need to find a good, scary one, and eBay seems like a good place to search. Also, with a reasonable price.

For my SWAT attire, I will focus on the overall or jumpsuit itself. I’m NOT going to ruin my original wear. As such, I will need to buy another one from the same place where I had brought the first one. With it, I had torn several layers of the clothing from both the arm and leg areas. I won’t touch on the front and back areas, as I will had my SWAT vest draped over it. And I won’t ruin my vest either! Halloween is held only once a year, so no point of getting another vest. Just for the sake of ruining it.

Next, I will smear some red poster paint on the shredded areas of the overall. Concentrating more on the torn parts. And yes, it was meant as “blood.” So it will look like as though I was been attacked viciously by those hideous zombies. Tearing me apart. Slashing me. Gushing my blood out all over, before turning into one of them. I really wanted to make it look as bloody and gore as I can.

As you can see from the photo taken, you can tell from the difference. My original, as well as the vest will remain safe and sound =)

And so, the long wait is over. Before that, many of us had feel so damn enthusiastic, let alone how anxious for that night to come that we just couldn’t wait any longer! =D Especially me. First time participating in Halloween. In Singapore, Halloween is more of a dressed-up theme. Sure there still be some treat or treating around. But you hardly seen them nowadays, unlike those in the Western. So down here, its more to just fun and games, surprises and of course, to dress up as a character that suits you =)

Even before reaching the museum, I could already feel the sense of adrenaline, the thrill rushing in me and I just couldn’t wait to put on my blooded suit! ACM was already packed with large number of visitors. Majority of them were already in their costumes. I could sense that this is gonna be one hell of a blast for the night! =D

We will start “terrorizing” the galleries at 1900hrs, as been stated in the program where the public will encounter ghost characters from SPI. But the adrenaline in me is already rushing like boiling water! I couldn’t wait for this! =P

1900hrs: All gear-up, taken our dinner, been brief again, we are all set to go! From inside our resting room, we could hear the enthusiastic cries from the crowd at the main hall of the museum and we could tell that its starting to become an overwhelming rush! To be expected for sure, like last year! ACM will be crawling with all kinds of ghost characters. Not only from SPI. We will prowl within the galleries and slither out from the dark. We just can’t wait to hear those screams. He-he-he-he…

SPI gang, is now ready to shiver the living down their spine. FRIGHT NIGHT, here we come!

My God! Halloween Night at ACM was indeed, a blast! This year’s population of people coming into the museum seems endless! Looks like its even bigger than last year. So much of it that we SPI members, as well as other ghost characters were trapped in-between by the overwhelming swarm of excited crowds eager to take photos with us! Its the same thing when I dressed up as my favourite Star Trek character, which is the Borg. One group had done taking a photo, there will be another eager to post. Then comes another. All swarm around you. Everywhere! You feel trapped! =D But what can you expect when you are participating into this kind of event? Besides, this is also my first time been surrounded by Halloween party doers with SPI. It was tremendously awesome!! And I wonder if this is the first time that someone like me had dressed up as a SWAT-Infested Zombie for Halloween. Cause I was told by many, especially from the staff working there that my appearance seems kinda rare. Haha! Well, its Halloween. You can be anything scary. The newer, the more you’ll get attracted with. But I still got to admit, characters like the Pontianak (the Malay female version of the vampire), the Mummy, a series of Japanese ghouls, as well as Dracula still beats the odds. They were considered as Halloween’s best “troopers” to scare the living daylight out of you. And honestly speaking, I still couldn’t get enough of it! =)

The fun of “terrorizing” soon comes to an end. By then, it was somewhere near midnight. Yes, its been a fun, enjoyable and indeed, a fright night to remember. Its time to rest that aching back, sore feet and hands. Man, what a night! What a HALLOWEEN! =)

  1. Azli says:

    lol…bro, till now, you still got that Halloween fever..=P Anyway, nice write up. Very interesting! =)

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