Close To Midnight……

Posted: October 21, 2010 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                             Stardate: 64304.8 (Oct 21st, 2010)

Dull day it is. Primarily because of the transboundary smoke haze from land and forest fires that were blown from Sumatra, and now enveloping Singapore which has hit the unhealthy range. As far as we all concern, this is not the first time such thing happens, and so much of it has been a recurrent feature in Asia from the past few decades. Returning home from work earlier after completing my shift was like walking through a thick fog. I was nearly blinded by the mist, let alone how watery my eyes is. As a result, I almost lost my sense of direction. And few of my colleagues had reported sick.

Oh well, its better to leave this to the authorities in how they will settle it. Not to mention how this haze has become a hot discussion topic on the Internet. I won’t touch much about the situation. I might ended up saying something sensitive, and the next thing I knew I would be expecting some “big shot” coming after me. Most important, is the health, especially those with asthma. They will have difficulty breathing when comes to this kind of air pollution.

Anyway, I hit off into dreamland right after I reached home. Not only I was weary, but I was almost in a state of lethargic. So much of it had left me ended sleeping in my jeans and T-shirt. It has been one hell of a night! Seems like a ruckus that goes on like forever! And just when we thought we could hit the break, duty calls again. Its like every second! Well, what can you expect when you are posted in such a district? Forever a night life!

My time in dreamland soon ended and I was snapped back in reality. The time on my clock shown was: 5:45pm. That’s enough rest for me. And indeed, felt much better.

So the rest of the hours was trying my best to kill that boredom. So to speak, was the usual stuff I did. Check my email, update my Facebook, and spending that whole time watching the late Michael Jackson dance in YouTube. Yeah, had to admit, I’m currently studying his moves. I become so engrossed to it that I watch it almost everyday! I mean, who wouldn’t love those flawless dance moves, especially if you are his number 1 fan! =) His the legend, his the King 0f Pop, and were unquestionably the greatest entertainer. Then there’s the Michael Jackson Impersonators, mainly fans of his who greatly appreciate his music and therefore, taken that opportunity to dances and moves exactly like him. To be like him. And I could say, that majority of them really did it well. Indeed, takes years of practice. Even though he had departure from this world, his legend still lives on among the people who still love and remember him always.

So here I am, blogging this down. At the same time, listening to some calm and gentle music played on the radio. The time its close to midnight. Outside, the night sky appeared to have red clouds floating past. I wonder, was it going to rain? Or was it part of the haze? Not to mention how hazy it was along the residential roads. And the streetlights there just making it feel rather eerie. Like as though a mist clouding out from the Twilight Zone…..

Thought I heard a rumbling somewhere. Sounds close to being a thunder. Well, why not some rain then. So I can have a pleasant and cooling sleep throughout the night. =)


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