Gathering For Future Plans

Posted: October 18, 2010 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                      Stardate: 64298.3 (Oct 18th, 2010)

When I received the email, I was beginning to think that this could be another one of those casual gathering been organized by one of our members of the Singapore Paranormal Investigators (SPI). I even though this could be a dinner gathering also, which takes place at Fort Canning Park. And if that’s true, I wonder if the organizer had chosen that majesty building, known as “The Legends” which sits within the hill-top of the park. If he does, then you can say that it was worth a huge surprised for us that he managed to reserve such an expensive place to dine =D

But it soon turned out to be a meeting, than just a casual gathering. If I had known any better, I wouldn’t have dressed so smartly. Anyway, about twelve of us were free for the gathering. Initially our plan was not only to meet at Fort Canning, but also to discuss about our SPI’s future projects and that includes, our outings. However, it turns out that there’s no proper place there for us to hold our casual meeting. And also, one of us were feeling damn hungry. And so, the meeting place was change to the nearby Funan IT Mall where we had dinner at MacDonalds. Simple as that, as long our hungry friend gets to eat something. That includes the rest of us who have not yet eaten =D

So there we were. Discussing about our club’s future projects and outings, that will be well benefit for the members to enjoy that opportunity. As from what I see from this meeting, or gathering, its too have been a great quality time hanging out with them. To have this bonding, at the same time to have that positive tight-knit relationship with the people that you can trust and work with. I always found this atmosphere relaxing, comfortable and definitely a sense of belonging. This is where true friends comes around =)

And when comes to every gathering, there’s always a memorable group photo to share =)


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