Black Tech @ Funan IT Mall – Cosplay For The Fun Of It All!

Posted: October 9, 2010 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                            Stardate: 64274.3 (Oct 09, 2010)

If I had not came across the photo album been posted in his Facebook, I would be rotting at home the whole day. Black Tactical or Black Tech, the shop wear I had purchase my SWAT gear had set up a booth on the ground floor at Funan IT Mall today. This, also applies as in contribution to the new opening of their shop there, where they had shifted from their original place which used to be located at Bedok. They are making it centralized this time, as to be fair to those who lived in the West side of Singapore.

I came across the photo album from one of the guys whom I happened to know from the recent cosfest last July. Seeing them dressed up in police and SWAT attire really put me on the edge and thrills me to the max! =D Sorry for being overwhelmed. Just couldn’t resist that rush of adrenaline! =) Anyway, it was on Thursday that time. So I managed to get him by communicating through Facebook. I was told that the main event will be held on Saturday (Oct 09) and Sunday. I was busy on Sunday, but got nothing on Saturday. So instead of wasting my time rotting at home, why not joined in the Black Tech police force? =D Cosplay was been mentioned, and since I’m into it, especially when comes into SWAT, why held back? Besides, its been a while since I last wear my SWAT outfit.

But today, its gonna be different. I will not wear my jumpsuit, as I would normally did that matches up with my SWAT vest. Sure, we are inside the shopping mall. But seems kind of warm though and can be a lot more warmer if I had the jumpsuit on. Plus, so were the rest. All simply had their vest draped over them and SWAT accessories on.

Besides Black Tech, there are other booths been set up across the ground floor. To add in the fun, there’s also live performances on stage. One of them features Chiroru Hoshino, a 19-year old girl from Japan, and was named as one of Japanese Idols. She loves anime and games, and indeed, a powerful girl who just couldn’t stop singing! =D Her fans here just couldn’t get enough of her, and those wild cheers and screams really rang deep into your ears! Haha! Well, what can you expect if you are her No.1 fan. Not to mention, how many of us were so eager to take a photo with her. So anxious…..Hehe…=P You really got to admire her. And I really love that dress of hers. Furthermore, she really does catches much resemblances to that of any cute and adorable anime character. What more could you tell! =P

There’s also this hulking warrior from Final Fantasy, making his presence there. And of course, who can resist the thought when comes the time to walk around within the ground floor of the mall, like as though walking through the Hall of Fame! Those stares…..followed by…WOW!!! Man, we were like as though we are really patrolling! Like real cops! =D

Anyway, here’s the fun of it all! =)

The whole day was worth much fun. Good thing I came across this event. If not, I be feeling like as though I been stranded all alone on a desert.


  1. Azli says:

    Whoa…not bad bro! You guys are cool! Reminds me of the movie SWAT actually..LOL. And that Japanese chick was darn cute. Really got to admire her in that dress. =P

  2. Fizah says:

    Oit arrfin ni aku lah Fizah dulu keja bank of china dengan Kak jeya…hey susah nak cari Kau kat keja…do email me!!! I wanna ask u something

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