Storm Hovers….

Posted: October 5, 2010 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                        Stardate: 64263.3 (Oct 5th, 2010)

Time flies by, and with a blink of an eye, its the month of October. And by each passing day brings new stories, new resolutions, new ideas. For some, it will be unpack with certain surprises, situations unfolds, even doubts, like some tidewaves that never ends….

And speaking of which, not only the day appeared dull, but so does everyone else. It was like as though it was the Monday blues. Except that today is Tuesday. If you asked me, just about any day could be the blues. That’s if where you don’t feel like any hope of doing your work. Those routine tasks. Where the boredom strikes. Feel bored all over. Not much to anticipate or interested to get you feel preoccupied, let alone facing with the same crap every day. So you see, its not only falls on Monday.

And yeah, today feels like as though I just ran into the twilight zone. Seems like almost everybody were been caught up by this gloomy atmosphere. Not just outdoors, the indoors as well. And did I just notice so much worrying as well? I don’t know, its just that some of their expressions happened to caught my attention and that left me to wonder.

Anyway, we do as what we are told to. As been obliged, as what we are supposed to. The usual stuff, moving around within that 12 hrs to get the job done and return back home in one piece.

And speaking of dull, what’s up with some people nowadays? Though I’m aware that some people nowadays could be so mentally arrogant, unpredictable, and always wishing to complain time and again, there’s these pockets of them (more like within their own species) who thinks that the same three digits were like a 24hrs complaint hotline department. And ridiculously, when we asked them certain questions that is relevant, and that we needed to know for sure, they will arrogantly snapped back, claiming that we should know all too well and even, had one idiot telling us that we have no right to ask such questions.

What the F***! Are we humans too!? Who are they to judge us!? Since when there’s a rule stating that we are not allowed to ask certain questions!? Is vital, for that matter! If there’s the point, then why called us in the first place!? What a bunch of idiots! Especially calling us over a slightest thing, which is not even a matter of concern at all! And which makes us feel like total dorks in the end! Calling 999 isn’t a beeper!!

So much of it had left a storm hovering over our heads. The dull mood eventually becomes duller and darker. But even as I speak, what choice do we have? Cause the next thing that will most likely popped out will be a garbage of complaints. Some worthless piece of trash over a slightest of thing! What can you expect, as this is what some Singaporeans are good at nowadays.

For the record, some things are better left unsaid….


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