Be Careful Of What You Say

Posted: August 24, 2010 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                     Stardate: 64148.9 (Aug 24th, 2010)

The current Singapore Youth Olympic Games (SYOG) had gotten me really occupied. Not that I participate in the games, but was called upon to be participate on ground. Yes, my side was been activate for duty, just like any other police officers. Its quite obvious when comes to this assignment. The superiors will tasked you to handle either crowd or traffic control. If you are lucky, you’ll be stationed at Ops, where you and the guys there will oversee the flow and be hearing communications that seems endless from time to time. Which is something that had to be dealt with. On top of that, its the fasting month for us Muslims. Sure, most of us will be complaining, but its not gonna change anything. Had to be fair with our non-Muslims colleagues and not to use this as our means of advantage. I had to agreed, it just ain’t right. And speaking of fairness, our superiors were fair enough to let us rest at certain specific time, and let us have our meal when the appropriate time comes. So we have to take this into consideration that they do care. Its fair and square. On top of which, the SYOG is near to an end. And we are looking forward to that!

Anyway, here’s something interesting I had stumbled upon with. Not to mention how funny it can gets. Upon my break, I befriend with this Englishman, and he says: “What’s up my friend? The day is very pang sai, isn’t it?”

That left me nearly to weaken my knees. Did he just say “pang sai?” As you can see, pang sai is literally a Singaporean slang, as it actually means “shit.” Nothing more than just a stinky biodegradable waste that were meant to be flushed down through the toilet bowl. I looked up at him, shocked. While he, simply superimposed that goofy grin on his face. Does he know what he just said?

So, I put it to a test: “Errr….excuse me?”

He then rephrase it: “Oh I mean to say was, the day was very beautiful.”

Well, it seems to me that some wacko had fooled him with that word. Nice going wacko. I suspect, this Englishman must be from out of town. So keeping a straight face (I almost laughed…), I told him the real meaning. I just have to tell him, cause its the right thing to do as to prevent any misuse of words.

And his eyes went wide opened. For the moment, I thought his eyes were gonna popped out from their sockets. He was stunned in alarm, as I would have expected. He uttered: “Good Heavens! Are you sure!? Cause that’s what I told my newly wife that she is so pang sai!

Oh well. I hope he can explain this to his newly wife before its too late. And I wonder how she going to react when she heard that. Maybe he could substitute the word, if he was smart enough to do that. Instead of using “shit,” he could replace it with better words. To bluff it out a bit, so his wife doesn’t at all feel offended, let alone disgusted. He just have to, if he wants to avoid the pain.

Nevertheless, he better do it well…

  1. HaZ says:

    HAHAHA! OMG!! Yeah, hope he learn his lesson as not to immediately agreed on such words. =P

    • Ariffin says:

      Haha…true. But still, if he wishes to tell his wife about it (which he should!), he should try to “alter” the true meaning of it. Used the best safest word rather than that word itself. Hee…=)

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