Hate It When People Thinks Highly Of Themselves!

Posted: August 8, 2010 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                   Stardate: 64104.7 (Aug o8th, 2010)

Recently, some smart alec posted a remark on one of my previous blog, saying that my English is so appalling. Even pointed out that I should learn to write properly, cause what I wrote is nothing more but worthless piece of trash!

Hei Jerrick (if that’s what your name is after seeing the link), you better watch your words ok! You don’t have to tell me how bad my English is. Its my blog! Its my writing! Its my story! Its my life! So far, this is the first time I get such a remark from someone who think his English is good, let alone a complete showoff! Or are you!? You say mine is a trash. So why not you define “trash” for me! Define it in your own terms; if you think you are so smart! I’m disgusted in the way you told me to “please learn how to write properly.” So you telling me that I should go back to school!? And to revise on my ABCs and writing!? Is that it!? You saying that my English is worthless!? If you expect me to use hard words, I won’t, ok. Why should I? I ain’t a complete show off. I’m not someone who prefers to use so much colours into my words! Maybe you are, and that ain’t my business! If you think my blog is “appalling”, so be it! You don’t like it, its YOUR PROBLEM! If you want to comment, comment something that isn’t “appalling.” If not, just shut up your stupid pie-hole! You don’t have to teach me what’s wrong, and what’s right! Would you like it if I drop a nasty remark on your blog!?

What are you, creep!? Someone who graduated with a Honours degree in English from some top schools? Someone who earned a point of degree and that he thinks that he has a highest reputation and so proud of himself? SO PROUD, that he doesn’t realize that he was selfish and had look down on others!? If you are, SO WHAT MAN! BIG DEAL!! Its not like as though you gonna owned the world! If you think I’m talking nonsense here, sure, go ahead, think all you want! I don’t give a shit about it! I’m just here pointing out that we all are humans and were born with a brain, ok! What you remarked, is indeed, an insult and sounds rather offensive, TO ME! And I hate it when people show that kind of attitude to me! There’s a saying, “No one is this world is born stupid.”

This wouldn’t happened if you hadn’t send me a nasty comment. If you think I had spark a war here, then YOU ARE WRONG! Cause once people say something bad about me, I will return that favour! I’m the type, ok! You are such a disgrace you know that!

  1. qR says:


    Don’t get angry with this kind of ppl. It’s your own blog, therefore, i don’t see a purpose for a person to make such remark. Don’t care them ya!

    I’ll give you my moral support!! smile =)

    • Ariffin says:

      I know. But it was so damn frustrating that someone like this idiot could drop a nasty remark. Its my blog right, so why should he be the one to judge me? This blog is my own rule, so i can write anything I want; just like you say.

      Nevertheless, I take your words. Thanks for the support =)

  2. Joran says:

    Sometimes, we might tease friends on their spelling, either by correcting it or misunderstanding it on purpose.
    To do so to a complete stranger is lacking in courtesy. He or she is trolling and the best way is to ignore them.

  3. qR says:

    Yeah! Disregard this person, just remember all your friends include me.. so cheer up, dude! =D

  4. Ariffin says:

    Yes, indeed. This jerk actually forgets the term: “Practice comes with perfection.” All he knows was to insult others, and I sure hope one day he regrets his own mistakes. Thanks for all the support. Yes, with that, I am cheering up! =)

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