My Verdict on StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty

Posted: July 31, 2010 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                Stardate: 64083.6 (July 31st, 2010)

I’ve just completed playing StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty yesterday (July 30th), and which I had brought it last Tuesday, the 27th where it was officially released. And I was quite surprised from the end of the game, as which I thought I would be expecting, wasn’t exactly what I w0uld have expected it would be like. Its not entirely like when I first played the original StarCraft back in 1998, where it was been released.

I realize that StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty focus only on the Terran campaign. Cause so happened that the screen began to roll in the credits, indicating that I successfully completed all its 26 missions. So I was like……that’s it? What about the other two campaigns? The Zerg and the Protoss? I browse through its menu and search every tabs that was there. Hoping to find the path that leads me to the next campaign. However, there was none. All the missions that I had save were all based on the Terran campaign, and surprisingly, there’s only one campaign for that matter! And subsequently, it only reveal to me that I successfully completed Wings of Liberty. All 26 missions in just 4 days!

Well, you know what they say. Once you get hooked into it, you can never stop! =P

As such, I make a check through its official website, and discovered that both the Zerg and Protoss campaigns were separated into expansion packs! Oh great! I wonder if those StarCraft fans that brought the game last Tuesday knew about it before they purchase. However, you can still get to try out the other two campaigns in multiplayer mode.

According to its video game developer, Blizzard Entertainment, StarCraft II its split into 3 installments, and Wings of Liberty was deemed as the base game, which entirely focus on the Terran. The expansion packs, title as the Heart of the Swarm and Legacy of the Void will focus on the Zerg and Protoss respectively, and which is currently under development.

Oookk….so I guess, I had done for Wings of Liberty then, without even realizing it. Seriously, I didn’t know that this Liberty thingy is primarily about the Terrans. The game starts off on one of the central characters, as well as primary protagonists since the original game, named Jim Raynor and together with his Raiders. Apparently, its all about him and his forces, battling their guts out once again. The game is set four years after the events of StarCraft: Brood War, and it was been established to follow the exploits of Jim Raynor as he leads his raiders to deal against the autocratic Terran Dominion. The game includes old and new characters, and players will revisit the colonies from the original game, as well as new worlds.

But nevertheless, StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty really hits the scoreboard! As what I notice, some of the same characters/units were been feature with new upgrades and abilities that comes with a greater range in firepower. Incredibly, you were also been given mercenaries to aid you in your quest. Of course, there always a price before you devise and deployed them. Other units were been replaced with more advance ones, or been taken out entirely like as though they never exist. And there’s a few, though appeared the same, but was been renamed as to suit to its change of attributes and unique abilities.

Besides continuing its predecessor’s use of pre-rendered cinematic cut-scenes, StarCraft II also let players explore the interactive version, rather than just the battlefield itself. For example, before each mission begins, players can explore certain areas inside the Battlecruiser, which primarily focus on Raynor’s ship, the Hyperion. This is where you are given the chance to take a look how the ship looks like from the inside. But bear in mind though, only limited areas that allows you to gain access to, and which is at your command and disposal.

On top of that, few of the missions were indeed, unique. Players have to beat the time in order to get things done. Like forcing their units to move to higher ground to prevent any certain risks, or watching them get burned. Or given the time where you were commanded to move to another location and set up a new perimeter, leaving your original base abandoned for some specific reasons. Might be havoc for some, but its really challenging once you quickly adapt to it.

Overall, with all those upgrades and abilities, its really one hell- blazing of a tough-breaking game to reckon with. You will call down the thunder, primed those weapons, before mastering your destiny to bring down to those who stands in your way. And by no doubt, the expansion packs will have the same unrelenting war to be control at the finger tips, and I can’t wait for them to be announced =)

Note to self: The legions of given veterans, mercenaries that comes with unique abilities are at your best disposal. Use them often, as it makes a great difference in a time of crisis. Waste them not. Bid higher than your enemy, and victory is yours.


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