Big Carnival @ Marina Bay Promenade

Posted: July 19, 2010 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                        Stardate: 64050.6 (July 19th, 2010)

There’s happening taking place yesterday (July 18th, Sunday) and the day before (July 17th, Saturday) at the Marina Bay Promenade. Known as the Big Carnival, its dedicated for families to be entertained by the attractive line of energetic performances, engaging activities, mouth-watering food and endless games. Those participate for the contest and competitions will stand to walk away with exciting prizes if they won! =P

Our costume partner, Reno from Movia Mania had coordinally invited members 0f the Singapore Star Trek for the cosplay side. For this one, its only available yesterday, starting from 1800hrs to 2000hrs. Unfortunately, not many of us were able to attend. Our founder, James Lee is still due to medical reasons and that I can understand. So its only me and one of them, named Franklin, who had decided to worn a Battlestar Galatica uniform. Yes, he had become one of the Commanders seen in that sci-fiction series. For me, I had decided to go for SWAT! That’s right. SWAT again =)

Since none of the trekkies shows up except for the both of us, I decided to go for SWAT. That’s my alternate character to go along with. Besides, I’m starting to get the hang of it ever since that previous cosfest at Downtown East – Pasir Ris. One of Reno’s guys ever told me, that I really SERIOUSLY need to bring out my SWAT outfit more. He really like the vest, and even considered to become one. Haha! That’s really thoughtful. I got no problem with that, but that matters only when there’s no handful of the Star Trek members coming down for the event. Other than that, most of the props belongs to James, and he was still on medical grounds. But once a fan, always a fan. I never leave Star Trek behind =)

It was drizzling yesterday, and quite surprise to notice that there’s not much crowd around. Probably because of the rain. But the event still goes on. A despite of that, we still want to be in our costume. We wouldn’t want to waste our time coming down here, do we? Haha! =D There were booths been set up, lined around the promenade. One of them is ours, where the word, COSPLAY DRESSUP was been display. A stage was been set up, meant for the performances, and also for us in costume who will later lined up on the stage and to be photograph! This is the thrilling part! =) Not to mention, to get attracted by the crowd who will rushed to pose a photo with us =D

Its been another exciting day. There’s more to come! =)


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