Cosfest 2010! Its An Happy Event!

Posted: July 5, 2010 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                         Stardate: 64012.4 (July 5th, 2010)

There’s been a lot of fun and excitement yesterday (July 4th) at the D’Marquee, which is located at Downtown East – Pasir Ris. The biggest event that combines from anime, games and cosplay competition is back by popular demand to entertain the people from all walks of life to come forth and be thrill by the dedicated participants who dressed up as their favourite characters and the spectacular performance been put up on stage. It has been a success run over the past few years and by no doubt, this year will hit that record!

Welcome to Cosfest! An Happy Event for the fun and loving, and a great opportunity to make new friends. As previously done in the past, Costfest will be a memorable event, that is packed full with surprises and delight =)

And so, me and my two friends Fahmi and Franklin had decided to be part of this exciting event. It was been held for two days, Saturday and Sunday. Since we are quite busy on Saturday, we decided to go along for Sunday.

You will think that I will dressed up as my favourite Star Trek character right? Well, guess what? Not for that day.

It is something that I always wanted to become. May not be in actual life, but it can be a thrilling experience. To feel what its like to become one of them. I seen them on TV, movies, from books, magazines, and I always find them thrilling and full of action when its time to get the ball rolling. That great demand, the opportunity to be in their shoes, which give you that certain level of command that reaches greater heights.

In actual life, they were part of a tactical unit. They are trained to perform high-risk operations and their abilities are a much more advantage than the regular officers. Their match is highly skilled, and they were given the superior firepower and specialized equipment when things were just as worse than been caught in the hot soup.

So yesterday, I go….

(Special Weapons and Tactics)

Wouldn’t it be great to dress up like one of these guys? So I took that opportunity to try something new, something that I always wanted to become. Once you are a big fan of them, you just can’t help dreaming to be like them, imagine that you are one of them and getting into all the action that you would have never experienced.

My first reaction was the vest itself, which I had brought it at ChinaTown Square. This was, about four years ago. And better believe it, ever since I brought it, I never actually try it on. I only had it as a display on the wall of my room. I was, intend to wear it. But the vest alone wasn’t enough to meet the requirements when you want to become a SWAT trooper. And at that time, I didn’t know where to get the rest of the items needed, especially the inner clothing where the vest will cover over it. I like to think of that as a jumpsuit. And so, it was left hanging on the wall….until yesterday.

Since I already have the vest, I just need to get the rest of the stuff needed. I managed to get them from these Black Tactical shop, which sells replica weapons, field gear and wear (And when comes to weapons, even replicas, they have to be approved by the Singapore Police Force before been sold). My brother is the one who had introduced me to these shop. Best of all, its only about two blocks away from where I lived =)

Whether you are in for a SWAT or even a combat soldier, Black Tactical have the necessary field gears for you. But that doesn’t mean it have everything. Like the jumpsuit that I want. Fortunately, my brother knows where to get one, which its located at a shopping complex at Beach Road. That’s where he get many of his police T-shirt and stuff there because its cheap =)

Thanks to his help, I’m quite relief that I managed to get the rest of the stuff I needed =)

And I’m not the only one becoming a SWAT trooper. Even Fahmi himself, since he already planning for this some time ago. He too, wanna try something different. For Star Trek, he always dress up as “Lieutenant Commander Worf”, who was a Klingon in Starfleet. But not yesterday.

For Franklin, he will become one of the characters seen in Battlestar Galatica (BSG). I don’t really know much about BSG, but according to Franklin, his character will appeared “off-duty.” So its just simple clothing seen in the shows.

There will be a few more other participants as SWAT and soldiers, which were from MoviaMania, our costuming partner group. So you can say that the three will us will tag along with them for this one =)

So here we go. Its time to LOCK AND LOAD!

Cameras flashes at every corner as we posed. Its always feel so thrill when you are in the line of attraction. And it does feel a whole lot daring as being one of those special police tactical unit. It was so close to being real. Even when by cosplaying =D

Overall, the anticipation was never a doubt, skyrocketing. I had to admit, the anime characters were fascinating, bright, colourful, adorable and all the good, cute stuff you can think of. They have always been. The competition held, were amazing! And the lucky winners will be in for an ultimate reward.

I’m greatly satisfied that I managed to be what I always wanted to become. Its a great achievement for me as well. Looks like some wishes can come true if you put some effort and your mind into it. =)

And bear in mind though. Just because I dress up as SWAT, doesn’t mean I stop loving Star Trek!



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