A Casual Chalet Gathering

Posted: June 6, 2010 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                  Stardate: 63932.2 (June 6th, 2010)

Unlike the previous chalets which our local Star Trek fansite had organized and which I had stay overnight, I’ve decided not to stay overnight for this one, as I got some personal stuff need to be deal with. Also, there will be another chalet that will be organized for the end of this year. And for that one, I will most likely be staying in.

Even for that matter, I will still come. Our fan member, Fahmi who mostly organized for this had booked the chalet at Costa Sands, Downtown East which is located at the heart of Pasir Ris Town. Its a four days-three nights, Thursday (June 3rd) – Sunday (June 6th). Since Thursday and Friday were still the peak period, most of us will most likely dropped by on Saturday. Fahmi will have the entire chalet to himself on Thursday. For me, I will dropped by on both days, Friday and Saturday.

On Friday evening, dated June 4th, only three of us were there. Fahmi, Franklin and myself. We just simply chill out under the stars, and enjoy the food that we barbecue.

Captain’s log                                             Supplemental

Day 2 (June 5th – Saturday)

We supposed to have some games for this date, as what we normally did from our previous chalets. But unfortunately, our founder, James Lee who mostly in-charge of the games had to cancel it because of some medical issues. That’s alright, cause we are still on with the chalet anyway. Hee…=)

More of us trekkies had dropped by. The surrounding vicinity was packed with the guests. Not only the day was on weekend, it’s also the period of June holidays. So one could expect seeing a lot of kids running around and screaming excitedly as they enjoyed their time here =)

The whole day had been great. We spend the rest of the night inside the chalet goofing about and sharing endless jokes. We also talk about for our next future events. What will it be, when to plan it, and how it will be organized. Our fansite must remain strong and active, and it should be fulfilled in the best of our abilities =)


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