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Posted: May 22, 2010 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                          Stardate: 63892.5 (May 22nd, 2010)

Yesterday, dated May 21st, the Singapore Paranormal Investigators (SPI) were been invited by the Ministry of National Development (MND), as to propose a spooky walk to few areas in Singapore that were commonly “the talk of the town” when comes of being a paranormal issue. Hah! =D

So, two members, Desmond and Wesley, including myself, were to led 35 excited participants from relevant corporate departments that works closely with MND, such as the Housing Development Board (HDB), Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), just to name a few, to three selected places: Pasir Ris Mangroove Swamp, Bukit Brown Cemetery and Chua Chu Kang Cemetery. A bus was been hired to take us to these places. From MND building, as our pick-up point, we shall first head off towards Pasir Ris Mangrove Swamp. The time we start moving off, was a quarter to 1900hrs.

And along the way, Desmond, who was in-charge of this event will share some haunting stories. As to keep us entertained and occupied, also with the stuff that was been hearsay, those rumours made, recent events, and some of the haunting areas that we have investigate in the past. Especially to those places that we managed to discover…interesting evidence…

First stop: Pasir Ris Mangrove Swamp

There are many stories circulating about this place. Especially when referring to the Bird-Eye look out tower located inside it, which many claimed it as haunted. One of them commonly heard, was a suicide case, and it was believed that the spirit still unrest, and haunt the tower. Some claimed, to have spotted a head flying. They believed, it belong to the person who had committed suicide. Down here, there are no lights to brighten the place. Its no surprise that there are still many who were brave enough to walk through alone in the dark. I ventured here before twice, together with a friend during our fansite chalet gathering. You know, thrill seekers =) I did wrote this down in my blog when writing about the chalets. I had to admit, first time coming here in total darkness with your flashlight as your guide does scares the living daylight out of me. Except that, it wasn’t in the daytime. Even in the daytime, it was sometimes dead silence as near I can tell….

The photos here will speak for you =)

When we were about to exit the swamp, Wesley who walked behind the group, reported through the radio set that the numbers were 34. This happens when we were doing a U turn, and he was doing a head count at the same time. I was like….oh shit! I double checked, doing a head count also. He might have missed out a participant.

Still 34. This is bad….. Then, Desmond suggested that we shall head back towards the tower, were its near to one of the entrances and that there are lights there for us to get a better viewed.

We count again. I say: 35. Both Desmond and Wesley confirmed: 35. Hmm…….probably due to the darkness, and that all seem to blend in so deeply into the shadows. Causing a participant left uncounted. It couldn’t be anything else than that, right?

Feeling relieved, we therefore proceed back to the waiting bus for our next location.

Second stop: Bukit Brown Cemetery

So here we are. Once again back to this ancient cemetery, that may soon probably be forgotten once this very piece of land become urbanized. At first, I didn’t really expect that we are coming here. Not until Desmond announced it, when we were heading towards our first location, to the participants about the three places we shall be visiting. Well, what can you expect, especially when leading corporate groups to places where SPI used to visit? =D

Since they are URA personal around, they might probably considered this as their one last looked, before urbanizing this heritage place into what they had plan for the future….

Third stop: Chua Chu Kang Cemetery

This will be our final location. Down here, its where the Chinese, Muslim and Indian cemetery were linked. But we only visit the Chinese cemetery, where the participants were first introduced to a field of baby tombs. Yes, they were babies, small children were buried.

Followed up next were special, dedicated tombs, where they were introduced to a snake and lion tomb, that this animals were constructed as part of the tomb. I had to admit, the lion tomb does appeared really majestic. It looked like its really guarding the tomb, posing in a ferocious manner. Like a guardian, as many would describe.

There are actually a few more special tombs. But we can only showed the participants this few, as these were the most commonly known. Besides, we wouldn’t want to waste any more time. So that many of us can still catch the train back home before it ceased operation for the night.

The event was a successful one, and the feedback from the corporate groups were positively high. Every moment of it was worth the visit, and to be remembered =)

P.S: I had trouble figuring out a title for this topic. Unless anyone of you who read this would be kind enough to suggest me one….


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