Book Of Adventure 6: Upper Seletar Reservoir

Posted: May 18, 2010 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                         Stardate: 63882.2 (May 18th, 2010)

This time, I be taking down a stroll to set my senses and sights towards this reservoir park. More than just a reservoir park, cause it carries such a unique history. Through studies I came across, it was been voted as one of the most memorable place of interest in Singapore and out of all the reservoirs on the island.

Well, I couldn’t agreed more into this, especially when one were to describe about the park’s rocket-shaped iconic look-out tower. That really intrigues me a lot! It looms into view as soon as you approaches. And when near, it looks like as though its about to launch into deep space!

“Euston, we are ready for launch.”

History records show, that this 15 hectares park was built in 1920 as Singapore’s third impounding reservoir. It was built to meet the surge in water demand after WWI. It was completed in 1940, and officially opened on 10 August 1969 by Her Royal Highness, Princess Alexandra. The reservoir was formerly known as Seletar Reservoir, before the completion of the Lower Seletar Reservoir which is near Nee Soon, and formed by the damming up of the mouth of Seletar River in 1986.

During WWII, the reservoir suffered considerable damages from a night bombing raid on Nee Soon Village. However, repairs were swiftly carried out and water supply was restored. Imagine how critical the reservoir might have been does kind of shudders me….

In 1992, it was renamed as Upper Seletar Reservoir and became a marked conservation site in 1999. It was also one of the biggest reservoir in Singapore.

It was also been mentioned, that there are crocodiles roaming in the reservoir. However, there have been no actual evidence about these reptiles been sighted, as all past reports were based on eyewitnesses accounts. I like to think of this as been hearsay =) By the glimpse of it, they might mistaken for another animal. Nevertheless, highly concern when comes to safety and to exercise extreme caution, the authorities still put up signboards that read “Beware of Crocodile” along various locations at the sides of the reservoir.

So two days ago, Sunday the 17th, I set off for my next book of adventure to this reservoir. Because of been occupied after that, I decided to blog this down today.

Anyway, after alighting from Ang Mo Kio MRT station, I took bus no.138, as been stated in the info as it will take me there. Nearly ten minutes, I arrived at my destination.

And this is where I began to breathe in the nature, as I studied the lush greenery that surrounds me. Nothing beats the good old hugging excursion from these tropical trees that lush along the banks of the reservoir =)

The rocket-shape look-out tower looms at the distance. There’s people fishing here also, as the reservoir had designated fishing areas. It also makes an ideal place for a lovely picnic, even birthday gatherings and one of the many frequent venues for joggers. Nearby, was an executive golf club. So don’t be surprised if you happened to saw a golf ball floating on the reservoir within your reach =) Such as it is that signboards warning visitors of the possibility of incoming balls were display along the side of the path that mirrors between the club and the reservoir.

After getting the first taste upon my first look, I moved on. Towards where I was eager to explore. The rocket-shape look-out tower! =D

It was indeed, truly an eye-opener. While some of us will resemblances it as a rocket, some would preferred it as an upright space shuttle. No doubt about that, cause it still fits the same =D In other words, does appeared to have some uncanny look. But compare to any other towers in some parks, this is truly the most outstanding look-out by its features.

This photos were taken within the tower’s vicinity.

Next, I began to make my way up the tower spiral steps to get a view from up there. As many will pointed out, it will held a panoramic view that comes fold with a breathtaking scenery! =D

I spend several minutes up there viewing the surrounding before I make my move. Heading towards the east side of the park.

There appeared to be a Upper Seletar Training Center for the National Cadet Corps (NCC) situated close to the waters as I draw nearer. Wonder if there were boats kept in there…

Furthermore, this side of the park were seen to have monkeys roaming about. No doubt about it, as it was stated that the park was also home to some resident long-tailed macaques. And feeding them is NOT encouraged. Let alone exposing your food and drinks.

I spend some spare time here taking a break. Enjoying the view by the waters. Upper Seletar Reservoir was relatively another tranquil place to be, especially when you really needed a quiet and spacious place to reflect the mind and some peace. It was so solitude that you might ended up telling yourself, are you the only soul left here… =)

In other words, it was also definitely a perfect place to enjoy the sunset if you stay here long enough to see the sky change. Best suit for a romantic couple on their romantic date =)

Claimed this as my best photo taken! =)

  1. Ryan says:

    Yes indeed. A truly calm place. I’ve been here with my girlfriend few years back. If you come here late in the afternoon, you might have a chance to watch the sunset. Its beautiful! =)

    • Ariffin says:

      One of the many relatively tranquil places to ease the mind and to get out from the city life. Yes, it so true =)

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