Starfleet Cadet Shirt

Posted: April 22, 2010 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                        Stardate: 63809.3 (April 22th, 2010)

My mum called out to me, saying that there’s a delivery for me. In an instant, I knew what it is and raced towards the waiting postman. Been waiting for this ever since I order it online through the local eBay last Friday, the 16th. Once I had it in my hands, I immediately tore opened the package. My heart pounding like a time bomb as I let my hands do the work.

Nothing special or valuable actually. Its just a starfleet cadet long sleeve shirt that was worn by the character James Kirk from the new Star Trek movie. Haha! But to me, its something that I want and to add with the rest of my Star Trek uniforms. You could say that, besides collecting starships, I do top-up on my collection of the uniforms as well as props. Hee..=P

So there it is. Received this yesterday, on April 21st. An inset picture of James Kirk, played by Chris Pine for the latest Star Trek movie was added.

Brought this as size “M”, instead of my original fitting size of “L.” Reason was that, some time ago I used to order a starfleet uniform from the original Star Trek TV series from the 60s, and had ordered it as size “L.” When I put it on after it arrives, I was surprised how big it turned out to be. It was like as though I was wearing size “XL!!” As such, I’ve decided to give it to my founder of the local Star Trek, James Lee as part of his costume pool. We do have few trekkies with that size, and I’m sure the uniform will be no problem for them if they want to try it out. Guess size does matters, eh. Doesn’t mean what you want will be what you expect.

So for this one, I go for “M.” Sure, it feels a little tight once you started to put it on. But once you had it on, it doesn’t feel tight anymore. Its really comfortable and looks great on you! It can be worn anytime, like a casual wear. It was like wearing a sweater, and the feeling of it does feels like one! =)

Neat! =D


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