SPI Spooky Walk @ Marsiling Dungeons

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Captain’s log                      Stardate: 63801.5 (April 19th, 2010)

Yesterday, dated April 18th, the Singapore Paranormal Investigators introduced another Spooky Walk that will take us back to the old age. This historical moment was about a mysterious tunnel network, which was been dubbed as the Marsiling Dungeon. And its fortunate that once again, places like this that couldn’t afford to be miss happened to land on my off day =)

Located deep within the jungles of Marsiling, this previously unexplained tunnel network was once an oil reserve post-WWII as been researched by Mr John Kwok, who was an historian currently based in Australia, as well as an SPI Advisor. I managed to get most of the info about the place when we were chatting through MSN, so that I can share it. Credits by him, of course =)

I printed this out. Thanks John!

Marsiling Dungeon was been discovered by the SPI founder himself, Dr Kenny Fong. He was actually investigating some local legends about a “sacred hill” within the area, and in turn, he stumbled across something more than just a sacred hill. That year, was 2006. Eventually, his discovery had sparked media attention and wide ranging speculation.

As based on what I’ve read from the reports given by Mr John, there’s been hearsay that the dungeons were a place of occult worship, or part of a secret British undersea networks. It was even speculate, that the site could even belong to Japanese WWII General Tomoyuki Yamashita’s legendary hidden gold. Worse, there was also talk that the tunnels might be connected to a nearby mental asylum.

The Woodbridge hospital????

Whatever the place is, it sure doesn’t sound too welcoming….

However, Singapore had no records about the dungeons, and not even the National Heritage Board could identify its purpose. Even Singapore academic historians, architects and archaeologists failed to offer a clear explanation. So in turn, Dr Kenny Fong called upon Mr John Kwok to embark on this historical relic left behind.

So in February 2o08, Mr John flew to Singapore, and together with the founder, they set off for their mission to explore the tunnels.

Entering the tunnels was not the worse, but it was the mud that reaches to the knees, and that “it sucked you in and it was red,” as stated by Mr John himself.

“There is a strange smell of gasoline as you go deep into the tunnel and you get this foreboding sense of fear. Kenny and I said we never wanted to go in there again, because it was really scary.”

Talk about getting the smell entering your nostril. Any reckless act might ended up getting fry into that huge oven.

His observation within the tunnels and extensive fieldwork research had led to a discovery which could provide the solution to the mystery. Every possible data, clues were been gathered, to seek out the truth of the nature of his tunnel.

Back in Australia, Mr John and his fellow researchers began to examined archival military records and histories to establish its purpose. Finally, the truth were uncovered and untangled, that this Marsiling Dungeons turned out to be a specially built pre-WWII Royal Air Force underground fuel reserve depot. One of the discovery made, was that a communicati0n from a British WWII Lieutenant General twice mentioned that the British Air Force had underground petrol reserves in the area. This led Mr John to believe that what Dr Kenny had came across, was a pre-war petrol storage facility built by the British, probably in the 1930s and was later forgotten after the war. Several relics dated from that period, such as reinforced lamps and valves were also found in the tunnels.

Now, two years later, excited participants and agents involved were embarked on the destination truth to re-visit this historical site. I understand that, SPI had set foot here before. Not only the dungeons and the surrounding trees that envelops them, there’s also several make-shift shrines, and even, what is believe to be an illegal hide-out. Such places like this, that runs deep through into the dense, were commonly known to have spotted one. Best describes as a playground specially design for illegal immigrants…

Back then, the tunnel entrance were opened. Anybody can just went through and later would be covered with mud knee-deep, once you are out. But unfortunately now, the tunnels were sealed up. For a good purpose, I supposed….

So, here we are, bashing through the woods in order to reach to the tunnels. We had to followed a piping line, that were linked up to a shell refinery located uphill. We even had to walk across them when our path was been obstructed. Damn, I should have put on my boots. My shoes were horribly caked with mud!

And to think that the mud was damn soggy, walking along the pipes appeared even more soggy since our shoes were already covered with mud. We have to walk baby steps, to prevent from slipping and getting injured.

Finally, we made it! We followed up these flight of steps that leads to the tunnel. The leading agent mentioned that there are three tunnels, all from different directions but were linked.

Well, all been sealed up. Not only the entrance, but every hole that an average human can squeeze through was been patched up.

We hiked further. Now searching for the third one. This part of the forest seems thick, and we have to look around in circles for a clearer path. Not only that, there are several potholes that will sunk our foot deep if we didn’t see it on time.

After much bashing and crashing, we finally caught sight off the third tunnel. Unlike the previous two, this one was embedded to the ground. But what surprise us the most, was that this tunnel was open. It wasn’t been sealed up. Embedded to the Earth it may seem, but it does gave ample space to squeeze through.

Gasped of excitement surrounds us upon discovering it. Curious, I bring out my torchlight and shine the light through. My heart started pounding when I noticed that there’s an entry from the left side of the tunnel. I signal the rest, and few had their lights started flashing through to confirm my findings.

Now, the next question will be, where does this tunnel leads to? Does it lead to the other side? Does it lead to a dead end? And what rotting treasures we will find there?

One way to find out was to went through and investigate the mystery down below. So, we have four heroes to venture into the bowels. They make used of the rope, that was left hanging by the entrance.

The rest of us waited anxiously. We could hear their voices echoing through the swallows. They seem to grow fainter and fainter as they ventured deeper, until what’s left were cricket sounds and mosquitoes buzzing around us.

In less than 5 minutes, they returned. According to their status report, the path leads a straight walk. There’s mud, which was a knee-deep. The ceiling and walls were infested with geckos, and there’s also a sudden smell like gaseoline that had assaulted their nostrils, sensing that foreboding fear as what both Dr Kenny Fong and Mr John Kwok had experienced. With that, they immediately evacuated. Photos taken while they were in there was enough to get on everybody’s attention.

Photo courtesy taken by the team that investigates the tunnel…

The leading agent had also stated; another possibility due to the strange smell like gaseoline, that it could also came from the mud itself. Been clogged up down there with all that contaminate water had produced a chemical reaction, that eventually release the strange smell that to us, smell like gaseoline. If you asked me, whether it came from mud, or from anywhere down there and that it bears that kind of smell, it best not to say no more and evac!

Satisfied with our findings, we continued our trekking for the way out. Along the way, we came across in what appears to be a washing area. Some of us had thought that it might be used for bath. It kind of reminds me like one of those back in the kampong days, where you had to walk quite a distance just to reach for that single cubicle. There’s few of them, scattered across the uneven terrain. Just imagine, bathing here in the middle of the jungle, and that you are all alone. Even in board daylight, you might still get that goosebumps poking onto your skin….

A distance away, we hear civilization. Through the gaps of the trees, we could see the road. All we have to do, is to went down the hill below us, and we are out!


By then, the time was almost 1630hrs, as I had remember.

We began to route back to where we had first started off. Along the way, the leading agent introduced to us, acting almost like a tour guide, to the areas that where once stood, been demolished to make way for new development. That explains why there’s a line of construction currently underway.

I find this really interesting, even though whatever stood there before was no longer there. I might never know what it is, but I can be able to understand the importance and the purpose it might carried. Its all based on the fascinating change of pace as time moves around the clock =)

We took a break at a coffeeshop, where we spend the rest of the time sharing jokes. Minutes ticked by and soon we hit off home.

On my conclusion, Marsiling Dungeons is definitely, truly an extraordinary worth the discovery made. There are so many pockets of WWII relics been rot behind on the island, and by no doubt the dungeons was one of the many that were established for a significant purpose. Who knows, there might be more tunnels or even caves, waiting to be discovered =)

  1. Michio says:

    Thanks for taking the time to write that, I found it very educational. If you get a chance you should visit my blog as well. I hope you have a nice day!

  2. lili says:

    heyy, thanks for this post. i’m doing my final year project and i really need an underground tunnel. i knew of this tunnel thru videos from youtube.

    anyway, i went over to the site to try my luck with any tunnels. the first few were sealed. but the one you guys went into, i didnt find that. i found another tunnel with man holes, if im not wrong. im not sure if we’re talking about the same thing but the one i found, there isnt any pipes inside, and its pretty small. no muds too.

    well, just wanna share. i think theres more tunnels up there. and maybe i will go there again to explore more.

    thanks for the post ! ((:

    • captain24 says:

      No problem man! =) As what I can recall, there are 3 tunnels. However, we only came across two. You mean there’s more than just 3?

  3. Hey there,

    I led an expedition team to the Marsiling Dungeons earlier today. However, we didn’t find the entrance with the rope like you guys did. We actually found a different ‘dungeon’ which is small and no pipes or staircase found. It is quite near to the Shell plant. I guess there’s another dungeon there!

    Do you happen to have the coordinates to the correct dungeon? We are organizing a 2nd one there quite soon!

  4. Mohd idham says:

    Hi can i know where do we should start?
    Which rd should we start to see the stair?

  5. lili says:

    Hey! If theres anymore of this expedition do tell! I am definitely game for it again! (:

    To Captain24.
    Yes, i believe there more to just 2 or 3, but it isnt linked to the big out you went I guessed.

  6. Hey everyone, I went to search for the Marsiling Dungeon earlier today but with no luck. We finally managed to find the correct Marsiling Dungeon but all of the entrances we found were sealed up! We couldn’t find that entrance with the rope hanging from above. I do not know whether that entrance was submerged under waterlogged rainwater, covered by dense vegetation or it’s actually one of the sealed up entrances we came across. We definitely need professional help but I don’t think there will be a third time for us. Sigh.

  7. Jian ming says:

    Hi.. can I know how to get to marsiling tunnel… can reply me back.
    Thanks a lot.

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