Visit To The Archives

Posted: March 12, 2010 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                      Stardate: 63699.3 (Mar 12th, 2010)

I never knew visiting the National Archives could be so interesting. Located next to Fort Canning Park, it houses the country’s past history, the inside and out, those that even from the internet could be complicated to dig out. Its not something like pulling the book from the library, but mainly a museum that preserves old resources, inventories, photo albums, publications, analysis, old maps, personal logs, transcripts, both scientific and cultural, about how the country had gone through and span from decades and generations since the Prince Sang Nila Utama renamed the island from Temasek to Singapura. Basically, an ideal place, especially for historians during their research.

I was there earlier in the afternoon. And frankly speaking, it was my second time visiting the archives. The first time I was there where one of the SPI (Singapore Paranormal Investigators) members who was also an advisor to the club, as well as an historian took me to the place last week. According to him, he been there many times, digging for treasures through those microfilms. He’s an historian himself, so there’s no doubt he’ll be looking for more evidence if the internet doesn’t seem to help.

And speaking of microfilms, this is the part where it interest me. I mean, I’ve seen them in TV, movies, from books, magazines, but I never thought I would be seeing the actual thing. It takes only a minute in learning how to place in the film, how to view the archives and other settings.

Of course, all this depends on what topic you are intend to look for. For first starters, you may want to search through the files, which many of them contains the microfilm references where you can requested from the staff who will be happy to assist you. But before that, you’ll need to fill up a form where you will state down the designated microfilm number and topic where it was linked to.

I had spend quite some time there researching on the topic I was looking for. I understand that it could be tedious work for some. But one who is rather too obsessed into what he or she is researching would rather get down to the bottom line just to get the picture into the mind. But that doesn’t mean you have to be so overwhelmed into it.

Nevertheless, dropping by at the archives had me to raise an awareness, that led me to begin my research with some determination. There are so many things down there, things that I don’t even know they actually existed! Many of the articles I’ve came across were equally fascinating. Its only being my second visit and I already felt like as though I was embracing a well-known architectural masterpiece. How profound was that! =D

As long as there’s nothing on for me, I will dropped by there again to continue where I had left off. Much of it, especially those inscriptions that were well-preserved, does catch much of the researcher’s attention if they are aware where it can be trace to =)

  1. Ryan says:

    I agreed bro. I’ve been there too, on a history project =)

  2. Ariffin says:

    History project eh? So did you managed to get straight As for that? =D

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