A Fun Gathering

Posted: February 28, 2010 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                          Stardate: 63658.5 (Feb 28th, 2010)

Two days ago, on Feb 26th, I was been invited by one of the SPI (Singapore Paranormal Investigators) members for a casual gathering, which takes place at Marina Square. Which means, to had dinner together at the foodcourt there while we enjoyed the time off. Just like we had did last year.

But before that, he had decided to check out the Civil District Trail. Set in the heart of the city, and adjacent to the Esplanade Park, this trail marks the historic birthplace of Singapore where early settlers worked and lived, and which covers the history from the colonial period through World War Two right up to the independence. This includes, memories of the British soldiers who had died in World War One. The trial houses a great significant of the country’s most valuable, historic buildings and structures, especially monuments of notable heroes that had shape the country.

Those of us who are free can join him at 1530hrs. If not, can meet up for dinner at 1800hrs. I agreed to join him, right after I’ve concluded some policing work on paper at Bedok Police Divisional Headquarters, which ends a quarter to 1300hrs. I was there since early morning.

So, at the heritage trail itself, he will take me on an historical tour, where he will explained about the memorials here, the story behind them that make up the stage of the historic events associated with Singapore’s nationhood. As much of an advisor to the SPI, he was also an historian, and by no doubt he had been researching through the archives and books about the memorials here. Besides, its a free lesson when he’s around. Hee….=)

Seriously, I never knew much about the place, though I came to notice it before. Now that he tells me about it, I began to realize and understand the importance that had taken place. Not only about the memorials, but how prominent the trail is. Its not something like a walk-in-the-park, as the trail symbolizes a greater occurrences of landmark from the past and how the heroes here once stood on Earth, to share their tales.

Half an hour before 1800hrs, we proceed to the nearby Marina Square foodcourt for dinner. There, the rest of our gang who were been invited soon join us.

So for the entire evening was sharing a lot of stories and jokes that seems endless! Not to mention, how I ended up been smothered and teased near the end of the show into something that was awfully too pain for me to share it here. Oh well, I just have to play it along. Besides, they are one of my many friends that I trusted the most, and I knew they were just having fun with me and to cheer me up in every way they can. Thanks! =D

The fun lasted till 2200hrs. Can you believe it!? Well, time flies when you are enjoying yourself =)

We should have this gathering when there’s the time for it. Perhaps, the next round wouldn’t have to be at Marina Square. There are other interesting places that was perfect for a simple gathering. We just have to locate for one.


  1. the advisor says:

    Yes please! Let’s do it at Vivo next time!
    By that time we may have more interesting stories to share of Fort…I mean Mount Faber.

    • Capt Ariffin says:

      Ok then, our next gathering will be at Vivo. We will eat at the foodcourt there, before proceeding at the top to catch the view of the world! =)

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