Singapore Star Trek @ Singapore Air Show 2010 – Too HOT To Miss!

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Captain’s log                         Stardate: 63610.2 (Feb 10th, 2010)

Our partner in costuming and role-playing, MoviaMania had invited our StarTrek fansite to participate for this highly anticipated and extravaganza Singapore Airshow 2010. Is a 6-day event, taking place from 2nd to 7th Feb. The first 4 days are exclusively for trade attendees while the final two weekend days are open to public at the Changi Exhibition Center, from 0930hrs to 1700hrs. There will be those from Star Wars, even a Green Power Ranger, Wolverine from X-Men and many more.

Ultimately, the airshow will transform its base into a giant family oriented carnival, rather than just to express business and optimism. With us in it been invited to participate as customers, by no doubt the visitors will be amazed to catch us and other role-playing participants roaming about through the exhibition center.

So, how can you not missed this opportunity when you are really addicted into costume play? Its another excitement for us to be place in the spotlight. To be at the airshow as costumers was something more than just thrilling, as its not only national, but its based on international as well. Here we are talking about the world aviation industry, those top aircraft makers, the Boeing and Airbus and a key demand driver, which happens to be the explosion of budget air travel. The last time I’ve been to the airshow was in 2002, and the anticipation as well as the expectations was never a doubt. Increased percentage of overseas visitors always seems to be on the level, and the organizers were proud to announced that they have been receiving good feedbacks on the improved arrangements with regards to crowd management. This efforts were made to ensure easier access to and from the airshow. Keep it up the good work guys! =D

Most highlights for this year airshow, there will also be traditional local games like congkak and capteh, located at the sports museum showcase. You can even played handball or table tennis with representatives from the Youth Olympic Games.

Most impressive of all, was the debut appearance of the A-10 Thunderbolt II and the newest F-35 Lighting Strike to tagged along with the RSAF AH-64 Apache, F-16 and that includes the F-111.

Most of us trekkies had gave a restounding yes to participate for this event, and some of us like myself had volunteered for the two days. We shall be given a special pass for participants involved, that will be collected by our founder, James Lee during the opening of the airshow which takes place at Suntec City on Feb 1st.

As always, I will be dressed up as my favourite Star Trek character, which is the Borg-Assimilated Starfleet officer. And this time around, I will appeared more hideous than just the mask and the arm that were part of my character. Cause I will be also wearing this Borg-half suit.

Why I say its a Borg-half suit, because this one is only part of the Borg suit assembly. Reno, organizer of MoviaMania had taken this from one of his old SWAT vest, and thought that its a good idea to make a Borg-half suit out of it. He knows that Borg is my favourite character and since mine is literally a “Starfleet officer who had just been assimilated, but not yet a fully developed Borg drone,” why not get the upper part of my body to had part of the Borg assembly been implanted on it? The half suit will draped over my Starfleet uniform. Just to show that, I’m still in the uniform even if I were already been assimilated. You know, something like, halfway in progress for me =D

Reno had torn off several layers of the vest just to give it a rugged look. He will attached some parts to the back, and let me pour out my own ideas for the front of the suit. Took me nearly a month to complete. Use many kinds of materials that was perfect for a Borg suit. There’s few areas of the suit where I had gone through all the trouble to redo those over and over again until I get it right. And I even installed an LED light to it.

Technically, I will be improvising more into it when there’s a need to. Perhaps, add more lights or those tubes! =D

Anyway, here are our members who are present for Day 1.

1 – James (Founder)
2 – Janice (James’s wife)
3 – Md.Ariffin (Me)
4 – Stephanie
5 – Bryan
6 – Franklin
7 – Jasmin
8 – Richard
9 – Fiona
10 – Peter

Both Richard and Stephanie will not be there the whole day, as they had their own schedule in the afternoon. So they only be in their costume in the morning.

Day 1
February 6th, 2010
Stardate: 63597.9

The time was somewhere between 0800 to 0900hrs. The weather was scorching hot. But it doesn’t really matter to us, cause we are here for the spotlight =) And at the same time, we can also catch the aerial display been performed, which starts at 1130hrs and 1500hrs on both days. This includes, to be amazed by the planes, especially the latest addition been exhibit on the field, and those models and latest state-of-the-air equipments that were been exhibit inside the exhibition center.

Ok, I will fast forward from here, skipping the registration, the screening, and towards Function Room 1 which was inside the exhibition center. Its currently booked for the participants involved for the costuming. We are given two rounds to roam the exhibition hall and for the visitors to smothered on us while posed for the camera. One in the morning, and the last round will be in the afternoon. And we are given an hour to get the visitors attention before heading back to the function room to rest.

And in-between our break, we can catch the aerial displayed. At the same time we can have our lunch that was been provided.

Ok, here I go! The photos taken will tell you more =)

But before that, let’s begin with my personal introduction…

What’s before……

And what’s after……

“I am Locutus of Borg. My purpose is to serve to the collective and to the will of the Queen. You shall be assimilated, and your culture shall adapt to service us. Negotiation is irrelevant. Resistance is Futile!”


This is where the fun begins…..

Right at the moment we stepped out from the function room, visitors started drawing out their cameras. Flashes of them were all around the corner, and I nearly were blinded by them. We were like as though Hollywood stars that just emerged out from behind the curtains. And at that very instant, cameras from reporters and excited fans started flashing right before our very eyes. Some would screamed enthusiastically, as they were amazed, intrigued by our presence. Its just so look like the same thing! =)

Just imagine, every step we took, there will be visitors from every corner suddenly appeared as they were so eager to posed with us. Sometimes they just appeared out of nowhere. Once they are done, there will be another excited ones. Followed by another. Then another. Continously, like as though there’s a queue for a photograph session. You can even feel their wind brushes on you.

Not only that, we even ended up rooted on the spot that we can’t even move because of the visitors rushing to take our photos. Its really amazing! The children especially, when comes to notice of my hideous appearance. Once again, seems like the Borg had gotten quite a lot of attention, and the half-Borg suit really does the work =D I never could have imagine this to be so attractable =)

And of course, some of the kids ended up crying just by one look at my face. Well, can’t be help when afterall, the character I am were supposed to be one of the worst kind. Hee….=D

I wonder if the visitors were aware that there’s gonna be some walked-in characters of their favourites roaming around the exhibition center. I supposed, its part of the family-oriented carnival, as what been stated in the news. But our appearance does catch those visitors to be worth a surprise! =D

We soon called it a time-out after that hour or so entertaining the visitors and head back to the function room. Believe me, we almost never made it back, cause some of the visitors were still chasing after us. I’m the worse of all, as my popularity of being a hideous species was been dragged and even hugged by girls…..=o

Finally, we can have our break. And at the same time, we can watch the aerial display that were been commenced.

Here’s some photos taken.

The Apache performing maneuvers. Did not managed to catch the first few aerial display. But the stunning performance of the Apache was good enough.

Lunch was soon been provided and we can finally fill up our empty stomach before we go for another round in the afternoon.

Ok, its time to suit up for another round. This time, we are more pump and eager to entertain those people, and most of them were seen watching us from behind the glass door. Indeed, they were totally amazed by the suits that we are putting on, and some even started taking photos of us while we dressed up.

Hey, some privacy here! You mind!?

And before the action takes place again, a group photo of our fansite and together with the rest of the participants involved were taken.

The doors are opened and we are once again back on the red carpet! =D


Time ends really fast when you are enjoying yourselves, and that you don’t even realize it until a call was given that time is up and to head back to the function room. Its time to call it a day. But its not over yet, cause we still had one more day for entertainment. The first day was already a hit success and we ought to do it again! =D

Day 2
February 7th, 2010
Stardate: 63600.8

Members involved for this day:

1 – James
2 – Janice
3 – Md.Ariffin
4 – Bryan
5 – James Wong
6 – Jasmin
7 – Jeremy
8 – Franklin
9 – Stephanie
10 – Peter (Will be joining in the afternoon)

The morning weather was a hot one without a doubt as we Star Trek fans headed our way towards the exhibition center. Its the last day of the air show, and we are all looking forward for the last round and to give the best like what we had did the day before =)

From here, I will fast forward >>>>>> towards the function room. Photos taken were before we enter the center, and our present location where we had started to suit up.

Love this one! Now, choose your kind to side along you in battle!


1 = James
– Character played: Ferengi

2 = Janice
– Character played: Starfleet Chief Engineer

3 = Stephanie
– Character played: Vulcan

4 = Md.Ariffin
– Character played: Borg-Assimilated Starfleet officer

5 = James Wong
– Character played: Talaxian

6 = Jasmin
– Character played: Ferengi

7 = Jeremy
– Character played: Lt Commander Data

8 = Franklin
– Character played: Commander Spock, Jr

9 = Bryan
– Character played: Vulcan

The doors are soon opened, and once again we are greeted with tons of excited visitors and flashes from their camera.

Even the cops on duty couldn’t help it but to be amazed when we pass near the entrance of the exhibition. And as what I’ve notice, a few of them seem to appeared so eager in wanting their picture taken with us. Well guys, we be happy too, I supposed. But I don’t think your superiors will. Hee….=)

Its really surprising to see that most of the visitors happened to recognize us from Star Trek than it was used to. Of course, there will still be a few that would mistaken us for Star Wars characters. I even heard from a group, who thought that we are from StarGate =o No harm done, cause we will correct them for that =) But most of the time down there, we heard was “Star Trek.” Seems like our fansite had become more recognizable, and I believe it was ever since the launch of the new Star Trek movie which opens last year. And from where we had appeared in the newspaper, and that many of us were been interviewed as well, it seems that the introduction of our local fansite had brought much publicity this time around. And from there, we ought to keep up the good work and to remained bounded to our fansite =)

After all that entertainment, we head back to the function room for our break and lunch. At the same time, the aerial display was been commenced. I’ve decided not to take some photos of the flying display or planes that were been exhibit, as I’m totally worn out and choose to remain in the air-conditioned room. Hah! =D

Like on the first day, we will given another round in the afternoon. Not only that, we will also head up to the VIP lounge, still in our costume. There will be some guests there, that will be thrilled once we show up.

2nd round soon came about and we all began to gear up. James Wong, Bryan and Stephanie won’t be joining us in the afternoon as they had their own schedule to settle with. Peter soon shows up, and be joining us throughout the whole afternoon.

The 2nd round was like a merry-go-round for us. People were tapping onto our shoulders every now and then, in asking to posed with us for the camera. They even surrounded us, like an angry mob. It was so tremendous! The children love it! Its like, everywhere we turn, there will be those who wanted to pose with us. So much of that had left us to stay rooted on our spot and to wonder, how much more can we endure? Haha! =D But that’s how role-playing characters were, and founder James Lee were right about one thing, that people love to see you in masks. And speaking of masks, I do intend of trying out the Captain Kirk mask, as James had mentioned before, that he do have it. As well as Captain Picard’s. Such as for Star Trek, I’m a fan of Captain Kirk, so why not one day I gave out an impression of my favourite Starfleet hero by wearing the mask. I already own the uniform and the belt that comes complete with the phaser gun and comm device. With the mask on, it’ll be perfect! =D

We are indeed, really pump at this point of time. Not only visitors, but representatives of certain airline groups, as well as Polytechnic students that projects the studies of aircraft engineering also wanted to pose a picture with us. Surprisingly, most of them turned out to be Star Trek fans, and their picture taken with us will be worth a memorable one =)

That hour of entertaining the visitors was complete and we head back to the function room. We will be given a twenty minutes rest before we head up to the VIP area. This will be the last act we shall posed.

Moments later, we were up there. The VIP area comes with a balcony that has the view of the field, and this is where we will stand behind the parapet edge. Looking down at the people below, who gasped with excitement and started drawing out their cameras. Up there, we posed. One shot after another. This was even better than before! And the wind here, even if I had my Borg mask on, I could still feel the freshness that slipped through the gaps, brushes against my skin. Blowing the sweat away. Never knew that it would feel so good. Hee….=)

Then, the moment arrived, where a group photo of every participants involved were taken.

We soon exit from there and head back to the function room. Its time to pack up and call it a day. Before we left, we were each given a goodie bag as an appreciation for volunteering as costumers for this event. From our side, James will kept the remaining goodie bags for those of our members who had also participate but wasn’t there during the last round. He will give it to them when we meet up.

As much as the organizers were appreciated by our performances as costumers, we too, were honour to be invited to be part of it. Looks like this year’s airshow had more than what it had bargain for. And seems like our presence there had caught the visitors attention much more than the array display of state-of-the-air flight technology. But it was worth every turn that we had gone though. And I can say that, the way how the visitors had swarm upon us, was more increasing than recent events that we had participate =)

And I think the fact that the reason why we are there for, its probably due to this year’s airshow slogan..



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