Top Reasons Why I Love Star Trek

Posted: January 21, 2010 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                              Stardate: 63523.8 (Jan 21st, 2010)

A friend had asked me: Why you love Star Trek and not other sci-fiction? So in response, I said: I never say that I didn’t like other sci-fiction. I mean, come on! I’m a sci-fiction freak! So how can I say that I hate other sci-fiction? I’ve watched  Star Wars, Battlestar Galatica, Andromeda, Back to the Future, Terminator; just to name a few. So how can I say I dislike them?

Since he wanna know why I love Star Trek, I can say why. And also, this is the reason why I had decided to open up another blog entry to share with the rest of the bloggers.

Created by the late Gene Roddenberry, and been aired in Sept 8, 1966, Star Trek had represents the positive side of the future, that seem to incorporate a fruit of thought. And that many of them seems real enough to fit in the real world. It focus much on human morality, management philosophy, even diplomatic resolutions, to technological foresightedness. It inspires space explorers, the expectations and not only it seem interesting and entertaining, but it values a worthy educational program that helps viewers to understand that not all seen is always fiction. If the impossible can be possible, so does fiction. Fiction can be a fact. Ultimately, it seem to reflect more of a change about humanity’s pace in the universe, than any response to the discovery of extraterrestrial. Sounds like a catch? The universe is one whole space of ertinity, since the beginning of the Big Bang. Trillions of stars out there. Trillions of them! If you asked me, I denied to say that Earth is the only planet that supports life. To me, I find this baffling. I mean, there’s so many stars out there, so how can Earth be the only living, breathing star in the galaxy? There’s got to be more out there. Thousands, or millions of light years away. In a galaxy far, far away. Then, if there’s none, how would you explained the sightings of UFOs visiting Earth? I’m always been intrigued and curious about their visitation to Earth, that it seems clear that life could exist somewhere else beyond our reach. We may not be alone….

As been for decades, astronauts had always been searching for life in outer space. In an attempt to make contact. Obviously, their first stop was the endless study of planet Mars by launching a few probes, in tantalizing for any evidence of life. Most commonly heard as Martians. That’s the reason why Star Trek, as based on their theme, “to seek out new life and new civilizations.” Represents humanity in that century, aboard a warp-capable starship, as they ventured to other planets and met other spacefarers. To established first contact of a kind. Seems like a powerful belief, even based as a sci-fict. But as what I’ve mentioned earlier, it does opened up a chapter that somewhere in the void of space, could be the answers that many of us, space enthusiastic were searching.

Another worth reasoning, is the technology used. Many of them were based on the original series, dating back to the 60s where it was first aired nationwide in the United States. For example, a senior crew member been stationed on the command center of the ship, or commonly referred as the bridge, was seen to have a small communication device to the user’s ear. Wireless, and close enough to be their earpiece. And guess what? Decades later, the Bluetooth was invented.

Another example, was the walkie-talkie. The user will flipped open the casing before he or she can communicates to another user at the other end of the line. Years later, we were introduced the flip-type handphone.

See the catch?

Many modern technologies had came across at such, that they held much resemblances to the one seen in Star Trek. The Bluetooth and the flip-type handphones were great examples. Another breakthrough, few years back, a hospital in the United States were been introduced a small, compact and wireless comm device that can be attached to their uniform. They only have to press a button in order to communicate or response to a colleague. This technique was first featured in Star Trek TV series, the Next Generation which was been aired in 1987. Appeared as a insignia, literally a comm badge, and been attached on the left chest area of the uniform.

Here’s an example. See the comm badge located on his left size?

Its just so amazing that many of these were attributed, and that many editors who wrote about it had strongly referred it as “something that were seen in Star Trek,” or “what seems to be in Star Trek, is in fact, becomes real,” It was like as though these inventions really hit the world by storm!

And who knows. Years later, the invention of warp speed, the faster-than-light breakthrough will came alive. Allowing you to reach the nearest star or star system within hours, days, depending on the distance recorded.

Star Trek has become more improvised, and more of a learning program than just sci-fiction itself. In an instant where you had recognized it, you will understand that all you have seen might be that many piece of evidence that might held, in a change to suit the modern world and generations to come. Its just so inspiring, and as what been featured on the screen, will someday be an actual, functioning device or space craft. From space shuttles to starships. With a mission to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations. I believe, this could lead to a more scientific mode of exploration, in search of physical evidence of life. Sounds too good to be true? To me, I doubt it, as there will be the day, that the next generations of explorers will embark. But most notably, Star Trek creates a futuristic optimism in which the fans are looking forward to. And that’s the reason why I love Star Trek =)

“Space, The Final Frontier……”

  1. James says:

    …this are the voyages of the starship Enterprise..
    Her ongoing mission, is to explore strange new worlds,
    To seek out new life, and new civilizations.
    And to boldly go, where no man has gone before!


  2. Jim Boy says:

    Long Live Gene Roddenberry!

  3. Long Live The Great Bird Of Star trek ! any news from James for the Airshow ?

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