Look What They Have Done To Those Cats!

Posted: January 8, 2010 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                  Stardate: 63521.1 (Jan 08th, 2010)

I am deeply sadden and angry at the same time upon reading on a recent news of how some inconsiderate, brainless idiots who had threw down some cats from high above of their apartment. This is something that cat lovers like myself will grief and shock upon. That emotional feeling that escalates to such an extend, where some of us would feel comprises and wanting to beat up those responsible for the deaths of those poor cats. I may sound harsh at this point of time, but how do you feel when you are a cat lover? Especially when you are one of those who feeds them? Tend to them when you are free? Took them to a vet when they are injured? Showing them compassion, as well as attention even though you have no intention to adopt them.

How many times do they have to suffer such pain? What have they done to deserve this? Do these heartless punks know that animals do have feelings? I have been told, as the reason why these sickos have inflicted such pain or kill the cats were probably they have some serious problems with them in the past. But I find this rather ridiculous! What serious problems!? What kind of problems do they have against these cats that led them to have a grudge against them? For heaven’s sake, they are not humans where we tend to have problems with one another due to a situation we are facing! If these was true, then I speak out aloud that I find it stupid and unreasonable.

I understand that some of us don’t like cats. But why go to the extend of torturing them? Abuse them? Killing them in the end!? I’ve seen pictures, even videos, of dead cats. Some unidentified individual or a group, punching them like as though they were punching bags! And like a boy been bullied by his classmates. Imagine the anger for some cat lovers. They felt the pain as what those poor cats felt. The sorrow for some cat devoters could be worth unforgettable.

If these homicide cat killers would do such harm to a cat, they would do that to humans too. Its frustrating to note of how a human being, especially with an educated mind would do such an act and get away with it easily! You may hate cats, but you don’t have to kill them!

And its even more frustrating to know that the death toll of cats were on the rise! You’ve hardly heard of dogs been held in these horrifying situation here. Cause there’s hardly stray dogs around! And why? Was it because cats are fragile and that majority of them let people touches them? And was it because dogs will barked and feared of getting rabies? Is that the reason why cats were more frequent? Even disposing their dead bodies into a trash bag like as though they were rubbish? To satisfied their hatred against them before hunting for more? Why can’t they just leave them alone!!?

I personally adopt two adorable cats since they were kittens for the past eleven years. Each time I looked at them, my mind flashes back to the horrors of cats been killed, abused, those serious injuries been inflicted on them. I nearly burst into tears because of that, and I really pity their kind. How long can this take? What more cruel intention do these cat killers had in mind?

I just hope those responsible will get caught soon. And when they do, I hope they get a severe punishment as to what they had done to those poor and gentle animals. Its really selfish, rude and pathetic to say that they are nothing but animals. Only a fool would believe these kind of people! Here, I’m talking about bringing justice to these cats!

  1. HaZ says:

    I always adore cats, as much as being an animal lover. Yes, I support you into this and that it really hurts to see how these gentle animals were suffering…=(

  2. Joran says:

    evil most vile! 😡

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