My Views On Alien Abduction

Posted: January 4, 2010 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                Stardate: 63427(Jan 4th, 2010)

Ever since I’ve watched the movie premier of the Fourth Kind on last December 23th, 09, I had turned quite interested into the studies of alien abductions. The Fourth Kind, starring Milla Jovovich is mainly about alien abductions based on true events recorded. One of the many hot topics that involves in the studies of the UFOs phenomenon. While the premier passes shall be given away to the lucky ones, the actual date for the movie to be opened for the public was been schedule at the end of the last month. I was been invited by one of the SPI (Singapore Paranormal Investigators) executive members, as she happened to had some passes for the premier. Quite a lot of us were there.

As much as I’m into paranormal, I’m also into UFOs since at a young age. But during that time, it didn’t occurred to me about this extraordinary occurrences, that this event was something of a mind-blending and a dark twisted out-of-this-world consequences. I only came across alien abductions in 2007, and it suddenly thrills me from that very first time ever. Seeing the movie makes me to re-opened the chapter once again and to learn about it as much as possible. The internet was the powerful tool for this research. I had also purchase a book that describes about UFOs and its related topics. It never occurred to me how exciting this must be. Let alone the interesting stories that were told by the victims, that were been abducted by those non-human entities.

Based on facts I’ve gathered, it appears that victims been abducted by aliens were referred as “abductees.” They are the people who suddenly realized that they cannot account for a missing phase of their lives. There’s even a such, where some abductees have found themselves landed hundreds, or thousands of miles from where they were picked up. Worse, there’s even cases whereby they were attacked by aliens. Bizarre-looking creatures had tried to drag him or her into their craft, and they had fought to stop them. Also, some had gone missing for days before they were found. Dazed and confused.

Seems to me that the process of alien abductions appeared in a more detail terms. However, though the features outlined below are often reported, there is still some disagreement as to exactly how often they actually occur. What I came across below are one of the many common factors that argues the most notable in abduction accounts that I had extracted:

1 = Capture: The abductee is forcibly taken from terrestrial surroundings to an apparent alien space craft.

2 = Examination: Invasive medical or scientific procedures are performed on the abductee.

3 = Conference: The aliens peak to the abductee.

4 = Tour: The abductees are given a tour of their captors’ vessel.

5 = Loss of Time: Abductees rapidly forget the majority of their experience.

6 = Return: The abductees are returned to Earth. Occasionally in a different location from where they were allegedly taken or with new injuries or disheveled clothing.

7 = Theophany: The abductee has a profound mystical experience, accompanied by a feeling of oneness with God or the universe.

8 = Aftermath. The abductee must cope with the psychological, physical, and social effects of the experience.

Its literally those steps, that these non-human entities had arrange. It was these factors, supposedly evidences, that psychologists whose abductees have attended to have gathered while place them under hyponesis. It was so profound that sometimes psychologists had doubted, there could be much difference between discovery and revelation to all these cases, should they actually be fact and not fiction.

The best example, or describe as a well-known case of alien abductions were the Betty and Barney Hill that happened in September 19, 1961. It seems like an instant for the Hills, and that it was understood that their case of “Human Guinea Pigs” were the first to open up a chapter of alien abductions. Those experiences, were unlikely anything they have ever imagined. It could even be that pure telling piece of evidence, that somewhere in the brink of space, that life does exists, and that we are not alone. This is something that most of us were pondering for decades.

Based on research, those aliens were probably here to share their thoughts. This, had been clarified by some of the abductees, that those beings actually revealed them their world. Some, even claimed that the aliens were searching for a suitable planet as their current homeworld had lies in destruction. Apparently, they found Earth to be a suitable place to live in. Others, claimed to have been warned against environmental abuse and the dangers of nuclear weapons. Sounds too good to be true?

In whichever lies, the aliens will erase that part of the memory from the abductees before returning them back to Earth. That very piece of evidence, is that time spend where they were been examining and held in conference with the aliens. At first glance, like the Hills themselves, they thought they were under a spell right after seeing a spacecraft before them, and when the craft took off. Between those, the “landing” and the “taking off”, was where they were been abducted. Its just that the aliens had erased that part of memory. It was only revealed when they were placed under hypnosis.

However, there’s the aftermath before the subject was bring forth to the attending psychologist. Days after been abducted, the abductees will experience torments of nightmares. Most commonly, they will dream of being taken into somekind of an examination room and been placed on a table. And seeing these humanoids in look-alike spacesuits towering over as they examining the abductees with their slanted and malevolent large eyes as what many had recounted.

Been stripped off their clothing, the aliens shall examined them using their kind of experiment tools, where the abductees can only describe them “like those used in hospitals.” But most of the time, the abductees can’t even describe them.

Then, once the examination is completed, the aliens will talk, or either engage in a brief conference with them before taking them on a tour around the craft. Another hard fact, it was even describe, that communication during an abduction is limited. Understand that from some abductees, the aliens do not explain much about what they are doing or why. Communication, which does take place from alien to human, appears to be telepathic for some.

Due extensive research, some abductees may not be introduced at this point of stage, as the aliens will simply let them off. But majority of the cases, the abductees were presented to be amazed by the interior of the craft.

Nightmares were not the only aftermath. They will began to notice strange marks on their skins. Some appeared like rashes or so-called mysterious round spots, and even an unusual pain. They will then grow increasingly worried about their physical and mental health upon seeing it and might suspect it may due to radiation. Therefore, unable to cope with the situation, they decided to seek immediate help.

Those are the key factors that abductees have experience. But overall, based on studies, abductees usually exhibit some kind of a physical side effects from the experience known as Post Abduction Syndrome. The most common symptoms are:

1 = Lost or missing time can be short periods of time, up to several hours.

2 = Frequent nose bleeds, sinus pain, pressure.

3 = Nightmares of the abduction experience.

4 = Looking at an object and feeling like one is looking at something else.

5 = The presence of mysterious stains, spots, bruises, needle marks, implants, scars, etc.

6 = Deterioration of health, loss of hair, etc.

Another thing concerning the most, while UFOs were been sighted around the world, alien abductions seems to have taken only one place, which is the United States. Research shown, that this fourth kind were been viewed worldwide, but seems most common in the US.

In my conclusion, I would like to add, that exhaustive inquires and reports that seems endless, had convinced that these abductees have a close encountered with extraterrestrial life. Skeptics might think otherwise, even despite there’s videos whereby it shows abductees lived to tell their stories. Some skeptics would proved nothing into it, and that they were never meant to be exist and its all nothing but hoax. But even so, true accounts through videos and deep hypnosis were hard evidence that majority of these abductees do not appear to be deluded, playing tricks, lying, self-dramatizing, or suffering from any clear mental illness. Undoubtedly, a nightmare that seems hard to forget. This is one of those UFO topics that were amazing, fascinating, and not to mention, that had shaken the globe.

However, there’s a lot more explanation than what I had introduced. These were only, my views from what I had studied about alien abductions.

  1. Ryan says:

    Nice write-up pal! =)

    You know what. If I were been abducted, I hope those non-human entities will be Vulcans.


  2. HaZ says:

    As what I understand, the Betty and Barney Hill’s abduction case didn’t circulates until sometime later. I believe its right after they had reported their case to the psychologist they had attended to, due to the emotional feeling of the experience they were having.

  3. Jim Boy says:

    There are millions of people in the world who really believe that they were abducted by aliens. And these are normal people that ain’t crazy, or ain’t wackos. School teachers, policemen, doctors, all walks of life, who truly believe that what they have gone through is real…

    • Ariffin says:

      True, in a sense that matters. Some skeptics just take it that it never happened, that the government had frame it up, and what we see was nothing but a hoax.

  4. James says:

    I didn’t actually believe into it that much, but its quite fascinating that people in question actually believe that they have encounters with E.T

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