News From The Past

Posted: December 27, 2009 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                      Stardate: 63489.2 (Dec 27th, 2009)

Through the internet, I had stumbled across some old articles of the Straits Times from the past, which dates back to year 1994 and 1995. And I had picked these two topics that I found them interesting. Other than that, it started to remind me of how Singaporeans used to express in terms between in how they deal with their situations, just to escape the consequences, obviously.

As quoted:
Straits Times (June 24th, 1994)

“It was reported that a Princeton graduate lecturer at a Polytechnic flew a kite and cut fruit to teach calculus to her student. Unfortunately the report did not say how but quoted the astrophysics major as saying: ‘I think the sight of their lecturer running around with a kite was too much for them’.”

It suddenly whacked my mind, of the not-so pleasant “Go fly kite.” As what I came to know, although kite flying is one of those popular activities in Singapore, the expression “go fly kite” (I wonder if it was equivalent to the American-version which was “take a hike” or “go jump in the lake”) is not Singaporean as what some people seem to think. And…..goodness me! There will be those, who prefer a more profound that some would ended up feel threatened, even fear if been shot at: “Go and die!”

As quoted:
Straits Times (March 15th, 1995)

“It carried the story of how a bogus lawyer charged an insurance manager of $13,000 in legal fees after advising him to plead guilty to charge of molest, apparently so that he would get away with only a fine. The sentence turned out to be stiffer than expected. Eight months jail and three strokes of the cane.”

This come to the part where, some would say, there are all too often many people who are more than ready to offer advice. Whether invited or not. You agreed? But was it out of goodness of the heart, or such as the case reported, with that bad intentions to exploit a victim’s vulnerability for pecuniary gain. If you asked me, I prefer to use the term as “cheating.”

As what I know about lawyers, especially those in our multilingual society, good and truly qualified lawyers are much respected, let alone top income earners.

Then what about those, who portrayed to be what they are actually not? To think they know everything, and who think they can offer good, but unqualified advice that will most likely caused harm than help. Or a simple advice. This people are better known as lawyer buruk. It probably makes sense when referring to the “empty vessels that makes the most noise.” Buruk, is a Malay word which means ugly, or could even be, hideous.

From the context as what I’ve stated, really kills me the though when I recall a rude incident when I was on-duty. About to summon a car for parking on a double zig-zag line, when the driver appeared. He snapped at me, saying: “Hei officer, I know the law lah! I just give something to my friend and then I go, ok!?”

If he hadn’t close the door immediately right after he climbed behind the wheel, I could already snapped back at him. What he mentioned, I take it as he’s lying. I’m sure he had seen me before I approached his car. Cause he appeared to be rushing towards it, knowing that he will get a love letter from me. If I hadn’t been there, he would have left his car there the entire time.

Its true as what a colleague of mine used to say, that Singapore had many “lawyers.” Yeah, for sure, nothing but a bunch of lawyer buruk!


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