Trekkies Year-End Gathering 09

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Captain’s log                  Stardate: 63478.6 (Dec 23th, 2009)

Its another year-end gathering for the local Star Trek fans. From the 18th to 20th December, we have a chalet been organized at Coastal Sand Resort Pasir Ris. A few of us, including myself who had assist to organize will stay overnight. Previously, on last July, we also had one at the same location. But for this one, our chalet comes with an extra room, also known as the studio room. Thanks to our trekkie Fahmi, who mostly organized chalets for the fansite, its really accommodating to had our place come with the studio room that will filled our senses as we relax the time off =)

Day 1
Friday, the 18th
Stardate: 63465.3

I reached the place about a quarter before 1630hrs. Fahmi had notified to us that he will be there first to open the doors. But in the end, he was at Downtown eHub, having a back massage when I called him up. So I had to wait………..until somewhere 1700hrs, where he shows up.

Anyway, we settled down, and viewed the interior. One TV in the studio room, while there’s another at the sleeping area. There’s even two toilets located from both. Cool! =D

In addition, and to spice up our time here, all of us had bring our laptops. Considered this, as we intend to make this chalet of ours like as though its our temporary Starfleet command post. Get the idea? haha! Such imagination eh? hehe…=D

About 1730hrs, both of us left the chalet and proceed to eHub to buy some of the food and stuff needed for the barbecue. We don’t intend to buy much food this time around, as much of them were left wasted during the previous few gatherings. Unless, if you are talking about a large group of our members or fans, and those who had bring their families and friends along, and were most likely to show up.

Another trekkie, named Franklin managed to tag along just as soon as we finished our shopping. He had sms me earlier, to inform that he’s about to reach. In response, I sms that both Fahmi and I were shopping and that he have to wait if we haven’t returned. Never expected to see him at eHub, right after we’ve done our shopping. Talk about perfect timing! =D

The sky soon turns dark. Time to set up the barbecue pit for the first stay-in. Fahmi had also called Canadian Pizza, and had ordered four large packs of different kind. As expected, we normally had pizza during our first stay-in. Yummy! =P

So the whole night was grabbing on the food, while watching Star Trek: Deep Space Nine on CD, which Franklin had brought along, and Terminator 4: Salvation, from Fahmi’s. Two more trekkies shows up, named Sofyan and James (Not the founder), and the conversation plus jokes had turned like as though there’s no end to it =D

Somewhere at 2300hrs, another trekkie, named Jeremy joins in. He will also be staying in for the two nights, together with myself, Fahmi and Franklin.

Both Fahmi and myself will later be going for our little spooky walk inside the mangrove swamp which was located within Pasir Ris Park. We did some exploration last July, where we had our chalet within the same location. Being paranormal enthusiasts besides sci-fiction, we normally had this during the first night. Fahmi had purchased his own EMF, and some few other gadgets meant for paranormal and for his own use.

This, I had to say. In case any of my friends from the Singapore Paranormal Investigators (SPI) were reading this, I can assure you that, we will NOT misuse the name of SPI when comes in doing our own little spooky walk. This has got nothing to do with SPI, though I’m aware there’s been some few reports about this swamp, about those haunting rumors been taken place, posted in the SPI website. Also, I do believe that there’s no harm done when comes to thrill seeking by myself, as long as I don’t misuse and abusing the name of SPI. Fahmi was also a member of the SPI, but only based as a user forum member. Nicknamed as “fahmi85”, and considered him as a freelance type of member in which he prefers, as he seldom goes into the forum.

At the stroke of midnight, we went for the hunt. We used the same entrance like we did previously. The same creepy, chill-to-the-bone feeling had crept on me just by staring at the mouth of the entrance. It was damn dark in there. No lights at all! I always wonder, as to why the swamp wasn’t brightly lit? It wasn’t really some swamp from the jungle. There’s a wooden path been built, not to mention, the Bird-Watching Tower. I also wonder, whether couples would dared to commence their hanky-panky thingy at the top level when the moon is up. Imagine, what lies up there within those dark hours, reminding them that they are not alone…..

Anyway, we ventured through. Our lights up, cameras ready to snap. At the same time, trying to ignore the goosebumps that were biting at the back of the neck.

We planned to complete the entire swamp. But then, it started to drizzle, so we have to abort our little spooky walk and to immediately head back to the chalet before it started raining heavily.

Both Sofyan and James had left the chalet when we arrived back. So, the four of us, who are staying overnight, will took the first flight to dreamland…=)


Day 2
Saturday, the 19th
Stardate: 63467.1

Somewhere 1000hrs

Fahmi, Franklin and myself headed out for breakfast at the KFC, while Jeremy, as I been told, headed out to get food for lunch. After breakfast, the three of us headed to Cheers to get a few more stuff. I even get myself a sunglasses, after my first one had broke.

FAST FORWARD >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

So the whole day we just laze around, watching the videos and surf the internet from our laptops. Nothing much to be done, but can only wait for the time where we had the food to be barbecue! =D

For this year-end gathering, there’s no party games involved, as what we normally did on the second day. Reason was, our founder, James Lee, who mostly organized the games is currently at overseas. As such, he had cancel it for this one, and let the fun be as what it had supposed to be. Just laughter, jokes, as we feast on the food. There’s always another chalet to commence the next party games. So its never too late =)

Around 1700hrs, we set up the barbecue pit. Within the surrounding vicinity, the activity had grown with much more excitement. The sounds, the smell of grill, seems never-ending when you had this kind of gathering. I think for the next one, one of us should bring a radio. Just to put more fun into the fun! =D

More pictures taken =)

Time passed, and the sky soon turns dark. James turns up again, followed by another trekkie, named Fatimah. James stayed with us for about an hour and a half before he make his move. So the entire time was just laze around as we joked about, talk about Star Trek and surf the internet at the same time. Fatimah had also brought her own laptop. Its pretty obvious to note, that she can’t leave anywhere without her lappy. Haha! =D

Its pity to note that, not much of our members attend to this year-end gathering. Including the four of us who are staying in, its only less than ten. Understand though, that founder James Lee were overseas, and the rest of our members were perhaps caught in their tight schedule or had personal commitments. But still, I wished more would turned up. For the next one, perhaps.

Fatimah left the chalet about half an hour before midnight. The four of us spend the rest of the night continuing to goof off, before we lights out somewhere after midnight.

Day 3
Sunday, the 20th
Stardate: 63469.8

We had Burger King for breakfast. Once done, we head back to the chalet to pack our stuff, clean up any mess, and returned back the barbecue pit to its rightful owner.

The 3 days had gone, and even though not much had come, we still enjoyed ourselves like many of our previous gatherings. And now, all looking forward for the next one =)

Live Long And Prosper!


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