Places Near And Far

Posted: December 5, 2009 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                          Stardate: 63429.5 (Dec 5th, 2009)

I had a friend of mine, who live next door to a child care center. While having coffee one day, he began to relate to me how much he had learn as much as the children who are left in the care of a team of some four to five women whose voices, which he claimed, was his morning alarm clock.

His story as stated, one day, the children were raising a din. One of the woman screamed: “You’re making so much noise like the market people!” Sure, no doubt about it. The bustling local marked is a noisy place!

Another morning, one of the woman in charge threatened a wailing child. And it surprise my friend even more that he even thought its for real. The woman barked: “If you don’t stop crying, I’ll send you to Iraq!” Do had doubts though, whether the child knows anything about Iraq. Hearing the country been mentioned, do remind my friend, that when he was a child, the threat was Timbuktu. Others preferred Siberia. He also stated, in the UK, it was probably Coventry, whose according to his findings, that the subject would be left abandoned to some social solitary. For the Chinese in Beijing, it would be Tianya Haijiao in Hainan Island. But for the folks on Christmas Island, it was Singapore. You believe? Well, don’t asked me. My friend was the one who happened to had this mindset about “send to places” thingy. Does surprised me that he actually knows much about them.

Speaking of which, he also told me, that one of his cousins, who used to stay on that beautifully named island in the Indian Ocean for some enrichment program, was taught a poem. That in the 60s, there’s a child who would habitually not shut the door. Thus letting in the cold wind. Because of this, his parents threatened to deport him to Singapore.

And in comes to my conclusion, in Singapore, however, no one likes to be called a candidate for Woodbridge, an old title of the Institution of Mental Health.


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