Pasar Malam (Night Market)

Posted: November 16, 2009 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                         Stardate: 63376.5 (Nov 16th, 2009)

Let’s talk about this. The pasar malam or night market kind of involves nostalgia for those who remember the street stalls of the sixties. As the name suggest, the market operates at night. As the way I see, it was quite a treat moving from stall to stall, picking up bargains. Even some would bargain for lesser if the current prize just doesn’t feel acceptable. Its a wide range of goods available, usually small household products, clothes, watches, toys, even CDs and books. It was been mentioned back then, with the clampdown on illegal hawking and a shift in shopping habits as more and more modern shopping centers become to establish islandwide, these pasar malam stalls began to disappear without a trace.

Today, they are back in action. And I don’t know how true is this, cause I’ve heard, it was sometimes been touted as part of a tourist attractions in “Surprising Singapore.” I really had to applaud them for their kind of customer service under the shade =D For the now pasar malam, they are in a controlled and organized manner at designated locations. As far as I can tell, the stalls may be grouped together in a square or on some empty land, and may not be necessarily line the roads as they used to be in the early days.

And most surprisingly is that, there would sometimes held an outdoor arcade, or a funfair that merged together with the pasar malam. A special treat, especially for the kids. At this modern age, what more could you have expected? =D

However, at this age also, the stalls may also operate during or throughout the day. But to many people, they are still considered the pasar malam.

No offense to the owners setting up their booths there, but it doesn’t really matter what time of day it is. Does it?


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