Words Do Speak….

Posted: September 28, 2009 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                               Stardate: 63242.6 (Sept 28, 2009)

Another category of Singapore lifestyle that I’m willing to share. Just couldn’t resist this common terms, after listening carefully to the things people say, and therefore to learn by the new expressions almost every day =)

I start off with some treats. Sure, we all love treats. Why wouldn’t we? Treats to the movies. For a meal, or a ride on a roller coaster. Sweets are treats, especially best for the children. And a cruise would be the ultimate treat for a romantic couple =)

Somehow (commonly), a treat usually involves the spending of money: “Come, let me treat you to this coffee house.” A good friend would say: “Let me treat you for lunch.” The Malays would say: “Let me belanja you.” Belanja means spend, and that’s probably how some people ended up getting away around to saying it in English: “Let me spend you.”

Clearly, I wouldn’t want to be spent. Would you?


This trio of words seem profound nowadays to some of us locals here, that they introduce events consequential and that we seem to know exactly what’s going on. I have NO intention to put a bad sense of meaning into it, but to expressed the “usefulness” in what some people might have though about it.

Example of Later:
“I ask you first, scared later I make mistake.”

“I think you better asked him. If I asked him, later you thought I asked him the wrong question.”

“Don’t be late, later your mother gets angry.” (Notice the two differences?)

At a magic show, a little boy is heard telling his mother: “Mummy, later got magic, come out!”

Example of Wait:
“You spend so much money on that dress, wait your mother scolds you.”

Wait till you see. He surely gets it from me.”

“You asked so many questions, wait he thinks you’re interested.”

Example of Suddenly:
“If I go there, suddenly he comes here, we’ll never be able to meet each other.”

Despite being one of the Malays here, I didn’t know that we seem to have the perfect substitute for the word, which is sekali. Example: “I better stay home and wait for him. If I go to his house, sekali he comes here.”

Errrr……so which came first? Suddenly or Sekali?


And lastly, as I venture to introduce another so-called popular vocab, I must first beg the ladies pardon. A good friend of mine who hate to express such “words” objects vehemently, because its vulgar. A foul expression even I myself do not encourage. But here, it is often heard in the company of men. Once, I happened to notice some dude glance around to make sure there are no women present before he shoots off a *beep*-up remark when things screw up. However, there are exceptions. Just recently, I was at McDonalds, treating myself a cheeseburger meal. Seated at the table next to mine was a group of four students, two boys and two girls. One of the two girls had remarked when the boys were saying something stupid: “Don’t talk cock!”

I beg your pardon, indeed….



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