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Posted: September 19, 2009 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                             Stardate: 63218.2 (Sept 19, 2009)

A few had asked me recently, how I managed to cope both of my passion? As member of the Singapore Star Trek fansite and Singapore Paranormal Investigator. Well, beats me. I guess I just have to go one way or another. Haha!

May seems tough. I mean, based on the question asked. But given the fact that both are the lifetime, besides being a passion, that I seems overwhelmed into can’t change the ways that I felt devoted into. I simply stated that this is what I always wanted. That the impossible can always be possible if you knew that you are up for it. Of course, down here, I will share from the start of the humble beginning. Long story anyway…=)

Founder: James Lee

I fall in love with Star Trek ever since I’ve watched Star Trek: Voyager, which was the fourth version of the sci-fiction series to be released. Previously were Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, The Next Generation and The Original Series. There was even the animated series, which was based on the characters from the original series. It so happened right after I switched on the TV, and tune in to Hallmark Channel which was categories under Starhub cable. There, a magnificent starship was seen, gliding her way across the galaxy and to boldly go where no man has gone before. That was way back in 2002. And ever since then, I began to carry out some research about Star Trek.

Who’s the creator of this sci-fiction? Who is Captain James T.Kirk? Who is Captain Jean-Luc Picard and so fourth. Managed to view many of the past series, the ships that were seen, including the old movies. As I’ve watched, my knowledge grew. To be frank, I wasn’t much of a Star Trek “walking encyclopedia” like many of my senior members. I’m just happy to accept that I managed to learn the fundamental topics, especially like those “You-must-know” issues that were been elaborate. But I’m still learning more out of it =)

Then last year, 2008, I joined as a member of the Singapore Star Trek fansite by registering myself through its forum, where I get to know the rest of the members. And it was that time when the country held its first Singapore Toys, Games and Comic Convention to be held in Suntec City. I was therefore, been officially invited as the fansite were been given a booth there.

So I did. I really did. Telling myself to be more socialise than I ever be. Get to meet the founder himself, Mr James Lee who worked as an accountant, and who had directed me to where I can tailor-made a Starfleet uniform of my preferred choice. And within a month time, I had my own. Looks like my dream to own a Starfleet uniform came true after all =)

And it didn’t stop there, cause within months later, I had two more sets of uniforms. One, was been given by one of the members as the uniform couldn’t fit him anymore due to his change of weight over the years and that he also had done a lot of workout gym to gain some muscles. The other one, was based on the latest Star Trek movie. In addition, had a number of starships and props been brought from eBay, which James stated that it was the recommended choice for online shopping when it comes to Star Trek. Being a Star Trek fan in Singapore is tough, cause there’s hardly anything related to Star Trek that can be brought here. There are, few shops in town that sell the toys and other related merchandise. But it was still very limited, and usually you can’t get the things that you always wanted. So you had no other choice but to rely on Plan B.

Of course, including my collection of Do-It-Yourself Federation starship made out of recycle materials. Go Green! =D

I had never been this excited to be part of a fansite that shares the same passion that I adore. With it and all, I’ve managed to participate in tons of activities, mostly costume play, even gatherings, and the recent Chingay Parade 09 that we were officially invited to participate still runs in my head! It was unforgettable! Without the support from James and the senior members, I could have never made this far. And without the creator, the late Gene Roddenberry who had shown us the light, that not all science-fiction can remain sci-fiction, there will be no Star Trek. Live long Gene!

Founder: Kenny Fong

Paranormal: That feeling of being hear seems overwhelmed, when it comes to being a thrill seeker. Don’t you think? Well, most of us did, and one couldn’t resist of bashing the way in when came across a dilapidated house, which some of us might considered it as haunted – cause by the looks of it. The excitement, without consequence, measured only when the encountered appeared. The shivers, the spine-chilling, the hairs stands at the back of your neck, heart started pounding, the mind spinning, all that eerie feeling just keeps you to wonder where and where exactly….

I’ve started to open up this chapter when I was only 12 years old. I remember I saw a thick book that describes about ghosts and some supernatural beings been left on my uncle’s desk. I assume the book belongs to his, though I wasn’t sure if he had some interest into paranormal. I began to flip through the pages. Somehow, I suddenly turn intrigued when there’s a few pages describing different kinds of supernatural beings that were recorded in those recent years. But to be honest with you, I wasn’t all that interested into paranormal at that time. Infact, I claimed that there’s no such thing as ghost. Unlike most, I do take in exceptions. That to me, there is no such thing as ghost – until I was convinced. And true enough, I was.

Before my encountered with the paranormal, I even done some exploring with some friends to this so-called “yellow house” because of its colour. I was in secondary one at that time, and sure was a thrill seeker back then! =D As far as I can remember, the house was a two storey building, and was located near to Bay Shore park which has an underpass that were linked to East Coast Park. It was completely abandoned. The house no longer stands; been demolished years ago to make way for a new residential estate.

My first encountered with the paranormal when I was in secondary 3, during an Outward Bound training program at Pulau Ubin. I was a student leader back then, and many of us had applied for it as we are keen for the challenges that awaits us. It was a five-day training program. More like a five-day mission to me. Haha! =D

It happened on the 3rd day. If I can remember correctly, it was somewhere at 3am. I had woke up for the loo. Once I’ve done, I came across my haunting evidence that lies before my very eyes. Within a distance, was a staircase heading up. And from up there, I witness as what I called it till now, a lady in white.

As many would figured, since she was draped in white, a female version of a vampire to the Malays, as Pontianak. But I knew for certain, it couldn’t be. Cause what I’ve seen, this ghost was bathed in white glow. She has white hair, but I couldn’t catch the look on her face. She seem to be illuminating, like a light bulb! I stood there, frozen in horror on my spot. I suddenly felt ice-cold, and my throat felt like as thought I was been chocked! I closed my eyes, thinking that it was my imagination. I count to 10….and opened my eyes.

She’s still there! Worse, she is now floating down the steps towards me. The fear in me had rise tremendously and I blast the hell out to my quarters!

Since then, I believe in the existence of the supernatural. And if you asked me whether did I encountered more, yes I did. Back then when I was a police trainee at the Old Police Academy as been enlisted for National Service. Those stories heard, the rumours that were spreading, that the Old Police Academy was deemed haunted. And most of the stories were true, as I personally encountered it myself, and same goes to the rest of my squadmates….

During my free time, I spend that few hours reading and understanding the different types of paranormal encounters through the internet. Interestingly, there’s also a study on cryptozoology which refers in the search for animals which are considered to be legendary or whose existence lacks physical support and which appeared in myths. Sightings of Bigfoot is one of them. In addition, I also watch haunting documentaries on TV, mainly from the Western side. Most Haunted, T.A.P.S, Ghost Caught On Tape, Haunting Evidence, just to list out a few. Watching them makes me wonder of what its like to be a ghost investigator. Those cool gadgets, really served up for the purpose for such a ghost hunt. Those thrill seekers really had ventured into the depths of the unknown. Spooky castles, you named it. Much of it were been anticipated, let alone seeking for real answers as to why, how and when. It will be a great experience to become one =)

I came to know about the SPI in 2006. But wasn’t that keen to register myself in the forum, since I was too busy serving in my National Service for the Singapore Police Force. Then, a year later, I registered. Though I had post several message there, I wasn’t that all active due to my work. Not until last year, early January. I was already a regular police officer after successfully signed on from my National Service. Things has started to settle down, and I eventually became a frequent user to the forum. Then one day, one of the SPI Agent send me a message, asking me whether am I free to join a group of them for a recce at night.

This is your chance! I had told myself. You are free on that day, and you might even want to ask them how to become an SPI Agent.

Then, it settle! Like how I did when first time meeting the Star Trek gang. Next newbie in the team! =)

And a month later, I was ranked as SPI Agent after submitting the application form to one of the agents. And so fourth, I had join them on few recces, investigations and taking part in the club’s popular phenomenon meant for paranormal enthusiasts, known as Spooky Walk.

From both sides, I was never been this happy to get along with such wonderful friends. Reminds me of how I mingle about with my c0lleagues actually. Hehe…=) Through the same passion and interest, I therefore have learn a lot from the activities that were been organized. I hope I myself can contribute more to the team, as much as I had learn.

So there you see, this is how I came to cope with my passion from both sides. Infact, throughout all those recent years, this is what I’ve always wanted. And hopefully, I can remained bounded with them as life goes on. You guys really cheer me up! =D

  1. Joran says:

    There’s no conflict, as long as you manage your time right.
    Considering our Trek activities seldom occur past midnight, that shouldn’t be hard =)

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