Ralliart Pit Warehouse Sale

Posted: September 5, 2009 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                           Stardate: 63179.4 (Sept 05th, 2009)

I came across an advertising article from yesterday’s newspaper (Sept 04th) that features a Ralliart Pit Warehouse Sale that offers up to 70% off merchandise and car accessories. And based on the article, it appears that the warehouse were promoting the offers for Mitsubishi Motors. Since I’m an avid fan of cars, especially sporty type, I couldn’t help but to drool upon seeing those cool Mitsubishi polo T-shirts and jackets that comes with an affordable discount prize. They do had bags, car care kit, trolley bags, all under the same category. Of course, for those who find themselves engineer in the web of upgrading their Mitsubishi would rather glued their eyes on the full body kit or dress-up parts. Does appeared kind of fancy. Hehe…=) Many of those accessories look cool, especially for those who own the Mitsubishi Lancer GLX. For me, I stick to the merchandise =D

I had my uncle and my brother accompany me there to the place. Never thought that the place was quite a distance away from where we lived. It was located at 241 Alexandra Road, and the store that sells the items was on the 2nd floor of Mitsubishi Motors. No doubt by its given name. This great deals lasted for three days, from yesterday Friday till tomorrow Sunday. I got my chance today and off we go down the road! =D

Not much of a crowd there. And the store was dimly lit. Not bad actually, cause there seem to have this special spotlight been illuminated at all corners of the store. Giving it a freshly look of car environment or….some sort like that…

And…Damn! I should have brought my camera if I knew there’s gonna be a row of Mitsubishi Lancer GLX on display outside the store. Wow! They drool those avid fans of Mitsubishi there by every minute! If you asked me, I’m not really into Mitsubishi. Like I’ve mentioned earlier, I’m just interested into cars. Not only sports, but classic as well. Of course, I do had my favourites. Soon to come to own a Subaru Impreza! =D

Subaru Impreza

Soon got myself a T-shirt which cost $20 and a jacket which cost $30. Man! Can’t wait to wear them when the time comes for me to wear! Haha!

Jacket and T-shirt


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