Hate This Type!

Posted: September 1, 2009 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                            Stardate: 63168.6 (Sept 01st, 2009)

Damn!! I was so pissed off by this idiot when he sarcastically claimed that his job is better than mine!

So what! Its not like as though you own the world! Just because of a small matter and yet you composed it to a bigger problem! Its your fault! YOUR FAULT! for getting this matter out of hand, and yet you dare to find fault with me! If I didn’t followed the law, I would already slapped you in the face! I don’t care if my supervisor were to put up papers against me! I don’t care how badly I will be affected due to my duty as a law enforcement officer! Who are you to me!? Some big shot!? You think I give a damn!? With that disgusted attitude you are giving me!? Hei, you are lucky to know that I’m quite a patient man. But if the situation goes out of hand and that you had cross beyond my limit, I can be very nasty!

Seriously guys, whenever I ended up in this kind of situation, I can say that I really hate my job. I just don’t understand from some people nowadays! When we confront them just because they did something that we don’t really expect them to do it, they threatened to lodge a complain! And when we advise them regarding on their matter such and such, but they seem unsatisfied with it, they tend to complain! Oh yes, that idiot tend to complain against me!

Go ahead! Complain all you want! Its not like the first time that someone like you with a sick mind of a sadist would complained against me!

Its obvious isn’t it, by how some Singaporeans nowadays would go about their way when comes to venting out their anger in a manner that suits as their pastime category.


I apologise if you notice how overwhelming I had turned out to be. Its still the month of Ramadan, and that I have to rely on patience and to let this matter rest. But you think its easy for someone like me after been encountered by some sadist who thinks that he’s No.1!?

Personally, I don’t really care how some people nowadays hate the cops. But I have a job to do. Its my job as a public servant! I apply for it, I got the job, and I’m opt for it! If you are being nice to me in the first place, this wouldn’t happened.

Really, sometimes I do wonder what these people will achieve for lodging a complain even for the slightest amount of things!

  1. HaZ says:

    Bang, sabar ok? You told me before this is common, and this is not your first time. So let be it, and take it easy =)

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