The One Which Is Too Many….

Posted: August 25, 2009 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                       Stardate: 63151.3 (August 25th, 2009)

On this date written, was already the fourth day of the fasting month for all Muslims. This is the time where we gathered ourselves around the dinning table once the clock strike after 1900hrs. To me, it held a memorable one, cause this holy month of Ramadan does brings us closer to gather around and to feast on the meal being lay out before our every eyes. Like a reunion dinner the Chinese had proposed. Funny though, how few of us, especially me, would rushed to the table like madness like as though there’s no food tomorrow! Hehe…=D Like wise, there’s always a story to share as we enjoy this reunion dinner of ours =)

Anyway, here’s another local vocab that I wished to inject. This one (The one) seems popular in this common heritage of ours. No, I’m not referring to those who claim that they are No.1 in something they have achieved. Its not like as though they didn’t know what comes after one. For this case, one if not numerical but connotes possession, as though its more than just a greater value. And upon discovery, yours and mine have often been substituted by your one and my one. Put aside one and only, please.

I became totally fazed into it, even though this one; the word itself seems strangely infected the whole island. Yesterday (August 24th), I was waiting for my friend at a playground near to his flat. A group of children were playing there, and my ears ended up collecting a list of one this and one that from the kids.

“Hey, this toy is my one.”
“Mommy, this thing only one right?”
“Hei, that one my one.”
“Your one over there. This book is my one.”
“This is no good one!”

Wasn’t it such fun to listen to what kids says? =D

This is where, I will venture deeper through this vocab. Here are some examples:

When a friend is annoyed with another: “Why you so like that one?”

When someone is displeased with an item: “This one lousy one!”

At work, a colleague stops another colleague: “Don’t remove this chair. Its our boss one.”

When two friends compare the ratings and requirements needed on few of the computer games: “This game good one. The other one not so good, cause my cousin played before one.”

Then, moments later, after meeting my friend, both of us head down towards Orchard MRT station where we will be meeting another friend of ours. Since we are outside at town, we shall break our fast at MacDonald (preferred choice for that day) once the time is ready. And just as I thought I had this case of the one, which I overheard while riding behind two women and a child on an escalator when we were at the station. Said the mother to her friend, who tried to hold on to the protesting child: “He doesn’t like to be held one. When you try to hold him, he will surely struggle one.”

Literally, this ones, simply multiply on its own. And seemingly more than one. If you asked me, it is still one too many? Can’t help the fact, cause its like that one!

  1. RyAn says:

    Ah? Like that one ah? =D

  2. HaZ says:

    Wah! The one too many is indeed the one worth the one. Get it? Keke…

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