Time To Kill

Posted: August 21, 2009 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                     Stardate: 63140.3 (August 21st, 2009)

Here’s another reflection that I wished to inject, and which also I find it really fascinating. Quite entertaining too =) Do you ever wondered how little children display an inimitable ways when comes to drama? That is, based on my judgement, is clearly visible in terms of their movement and in the things they utter. Yesterday, I was at a nearby park, seated on a bench and was reading a Star Trek novel. Its a clear afternoon, and thought of burrowing myself in a book down at the park. Nearby, was a playground, and there’s several kids occupying it with their parents kept watched from their benches.

However, there’s this two particular kids were seen playing cowboys with toy guns. One of the guns, as what I’ve noticed, looks kinda similar to the one that were seen in RoboCop =) Amused, I stop my reading to watch. One of them screams: “Bang! Bang! I kill you!” His “opponent” who was standing at the side of the monkey bar, which I assume he could be taking cover “return fire” while yelling: “Ha-Ha! You missed me!”

Wow, it started to become entertaining already, and I eventually turned engrossed into it. I wonder if some of the kids there were drawn to join in, despite without the need of “ammo.” Does reminds me when I was at their age, playing police and thief with my cousins. Funny thing is, we even had “grenades” been launched! Well, its actually a simple paper crushed into a ball =D

Anyway, the kid who was taking cover had decided to scurried to a nearby swing, which I assume as the next possible point of defending himself. However, the other kid had locked him on target fast and “shoot to kill!”

“Got you!”

The target collapses. Muttering as he groans with a hand placed on an imaginary wound on his chest. “I die already…”


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