Singapore Toy, Games and Comic Convention 09

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Captain’s log                       Stardate: 63094.1 (August 17th, 2009)

Suntec City – Convention 401

Last year Singapore Toy, Games and Comic Convention (STGCC) has made a huge impact in attracting thousands of crowd, and the event held was been organized on the largest scale ever. So by no doubt, this year STGCC will be packed with their mass excitement, and the mass attraction will be the next big thing that many had been waiting for =) All seems to be heating up once again, like its time when Singapore has The Great Singapore Sale!

The event was a four-day convention, starting from August 13th (Thursday) which was the opening ceremony, and ended at August 16th (Sunday). For this year, unfortunately, our Star Trek fansite doesn’t have a booth compare like last year. Well, that’s too bad for us. If there is, we might be able to display the new set of props and uniform that were been featured in the new Star Trek movie. And I can even displayed one of my Do-It-Yourself starships. Just to add in more than an eye-opener to attract more attention from the crowd. Hehe…=D

Unfortunately came, but let’s hope we had one when next year comes around. If there’s gonna be another STGCC.

Ultimately, our fansite had been given this great opportunity. Even without a booth, we can still be part of the show. The organizer from MoviaMania, also our counterpart, which involves costuming and role-played from all those blockbuster movies you’ve seen and yet to be seen, had called our founder, James Lee to select any of us who are free to take part for the event’s CosCon (Costume Contest). Just like the previous year, but I wasn’t there to take part. Ours will be held on Saturday, the 15th, and by no doubt, the entire convention will be one hell of a scream as there gonna be hundreds of Japanese anime characters roaming the place. Hope there will be one chick dressed as Cardcaptor Sakura, cause there’s one been caught sighted at DownTown East Cosfest Event somewhere last month. And……..oh WOW! She looked so cute in that character! Hehe…=D

So here we go, where the fun of it all were about to unleash! It was always been a thrill for me when comes to costume play, and ever since I took part into it the first time round. Cause once you had portrayed into a character, especially your favourite one, you just couldn’t resist it and was hoping for more! =D

Once again…..that’s right folks. For those of you who have been reading my previous logs which was more into costume play, I’ve played as the hideous, relentless and most hatred seen in Star Trek. A cybernectic species, who will stopped at nothing when comes to assimilating other races to be part of their collective.


Literally, mine is a Starfleet officer who had just been assimilated and were yet to be a full Borg Drone =D

For the CosCon itself, there will be two categories. The solo and the group. Ours is group, since I have three selected trekkies with me. Both the founder and his wife, Janice were also there to give us the support, as well as be the photographer for that day. By no doubt, both will be in their Starfleet uniforms. Hehe…=)

Before I moved on further, let me introduce my away team whom later will put up our best on stage =)

Pic 1: That’s me!
Pic 2: Franklin as Commander Spock. Err…Junior?? (Vulcan)
Pic 3: Bryan as Lt Cmdr Data (Android)
Pic 4: Jeremy as Neelix (Talaxian)


Surprisingly, we also have trekkie Robin, who shall be participating for the solo competition. Later part (last minute case….), he was seen wearing a Ferengi alien mask before he hopped onto the stage =)


The solo competition will commence first. While the judges were at it, we group competitors started to mingle around with the crowd as they snapped photos of us =)


Almost what seems like an ertinity, the solo side ended. Group competitors were up next. There’s a total of three groups. The first group were two female characters seen in Batman, who were Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn, and who were enemies of the Dark Knight. The second group were two Jedis from Star Wars. So ours will be the third group. Unlike the solo side, we, as a group will have to put up an act. Meaning to say, once we are up on stage, we have to act as what we are.

Both Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn will, in an attempt to annoyed Batman, who was seated at the judges table. Next, the two Jedis will engage in a dual fight. Swinging and slashing their light sabers until one of them is eliminated.

For ours, is the usual whereby every Star Trek fans were aware of. What is the Borg favourite hobby?

I could already feel the adrenaline rushes in on me even before our turn comes. And the feeling of it becomes like a boiling hot water when its our turn to be existed on stage.

Since I’m folding up this new chapter, let me brief you on the insights.

Like three warriors, three of the away team ran up on stage first. Their phaser rifles drawn, ready to attack. I lumbered up the steps, in my own pace. Moving Borg-like. Acting Borg-like. My objective, is to assimilated those three targets.

The trios started “firing” at me as I lumbered towards them. But their attacks were a futile, because I’m “fully adapted.” I “absorbed” the impact without any visible effects. I was imagining for that actually. Hehe..=)

I advanced towards Jeremy (Neelix) first. I showed him no mercy! Once I managed to grab hold of his phaser rifle using my Borg claw which was part of my right hand, I bring up my Borg pincer from my left hand and “inject” the Borg virus through his neck.

He’s been “assimilated.” One down, two more to go! Both appeared helpless, as they relentlessly draw fire to kill me. Even if I’m “adapted”. Hah! =D

I went against Bryan (Lt Cmdr Data) next. Using the same technique as I did on Jeremy, I began my assault. But Bryan put up a struggle! Considering the “adaptness” that I had been “charge” to response through my system, he even used his phaser to “pounded” on me. I can “sense” by his thoughts: “I ain’t afraid of Borg!”

Then, I got him! The sight of my claw lifted to the air happened to stunned him momentarily, like as though it suddenly paralyzed him. Giving me the opportunity to “pierce” my needles through his neck.

He’s down!

Then however, it took me a second to realize that, Bryan’s character was an android! He ain’t “fleshy”, but a “machine!” I should have just “pull” the wires off him instead! Haha! =D

Franklin (Commander Spock) is next! I eyed him with a “Resistance is Futile” and went after him. He had nowhere to run. Unable to defend himself, and I got him where I want him to be! He soon collapsed, but not flat on the stage. He happened to be in a kneeling position. Unsatisfied, I “inject” him again. He let out a painful, defeated moan, before finally black out!

All three “dead bodies” lies before me. I stood there, eyeing one after another, before announcing my victory:


Man! Wasn’t it fun to be Borg!? =D We really had a great time up there. The fun of it all really speak for itself!

Now, here’s the catch in how the “battle” was forged.


Ok, from here I will fast forward towards the end of the CosCon competition.

Congratulations! We’ve won third prize for the competition! Its good enough for us, cause we know that we had done a great job, and to dedicate this for the rest of the trekkies here. Besides, we are here to enjoy ourselves, and we deserved the best of it =) For the prize, we are awarded a hundred dollar for coming in third. Since there’s four of us, the money will be split up twenty-five dollars each. Apart from that, we also received a goodie bag that were filled with thus:


Strange…..I mean, to me that one of the prizes were this:


Oh well, its worth it anyway. I just have to give it to my younger sister since she love to collect mini dolls like this one =)

We then spare the rest of the moment there moving around the convention hall as what we were. For this one, our founder James Lee will be joining us as Worf, who was a Klingon! Yahh!!! =D

Never do I felt this thrilling moment. Yes, its wasn’t my first time to get this kind of attention from the crowd. But the anticipation, were just so profound to resist and I find that it wasn’t enough and to do it for more!

Well, there’s more to come. We just have to save some energy for that =)

Here’s more random shots taken. Its truly a memorable.


Moments later, we head down to the mall’s restaurant located at the ground level to had a well-deserved break. We hope to get in line again for the next year STGCC if there’s gonna be one, and better still, to get a booth if possible. You’ll never know what you’ve been missing =)

And what better next, to give each of every chapter I’ve written to end with a cheerful group photo. Cheers!



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