Spare The Thoughts…..

Posted: August 12, 2009 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                       Stardate: 63080.3 (August 12th, 2009)

Three more hours left before I report for my night shift. The night is expecting, as usual. Anyway, before I prep myself, I’ve decided to blog some of this down that I just find it irresistible to avoid =) Some of the common terms that we locals tend to hear, see and visualize, without a doubt. Chancing upon expression that could even be much of a debate. Can considered it as a very simple stand, if not fully conveyed otherwise. Its not only based on origins, but to capture the flavour of how Singaporeans speak and write. Therefore to inject our expression, the tone that were brought in, in the case may be, to add a little humour. Even as we speak, the manner of speech…..ok, guess I’ve say too much already….=P

So, here goes, with my first curiousity when comes to the terms of “eat someone up.” I was one of the few officers been deployed for guard duty at the Kallang National Stadium during the friendly soccer match between Liverpool and Singapore. Apart from law enforcement officers, there are also several security agencies, and I had to admit, they appeared even fearsome without the need of guns. Understand from the way how they would react, majority of these dudes were heavyweight champion bouncers. Well, by the looks of their solid-brick structure, they can be considered like those WWE wrestlers =D

Anyway, I was standing next to one of them along the pitch area. Despite the same height as he was, I felt like a small kid standing next to him! (I believe you know what I mean by that) Out of curiousity, I began to ask him, whether anyone he or other bouncers had thrown out had returned to settle old scores with him. Need no worries, cause many of them will take it for a chatting session =)

“That depends,” he said. “Whether they think you are easy to makan or not.”

Makan is a Malay word for eat. But for this literal sense, to makan someone is to bully, threatened, intimidate or even take advantage of that person. I don’t know if it was related when comes to hear of someone eating somebody alive or eating him for breakfast (Damn, a cannibal!). But I’ve heard, that in the cult language of some underground or based on a certain small, closed circles, to makan somebody carries……..sexual undertones! =O


The next one, which I find it really interesting. Let alone, amusing. Another local vocabulary, which I may add =) Refers as the also can.

The also can person can be considered a no problem person. Can be either accommodating and a natural pleaser =) Take it for example, a couple on a date. He can be generous: “I’ll buy you dinner at Admiralty Lodge. And if you want to go somewhere and dance afterwards, also can. I had no problem with that.”

Two very pleasant words, indeed.

But ladies, let me warned you, this man can be dangerous too, especially on the first date when he cuddles up close to you and breathes heavily down your neck, whispering: “Why don’t we go to my place? But if you prefer your place, also can.”

That is, anything goes, isn’t it?

And now, for my kind of taste, cause some users prefer can also =D


Now here’s something that I don’t understand, and perhaps you bloggers could enlighten me by dropping a comment.

We play fair and dirty, play fast and loose, play hard to get, play safe and play ball with someone. But I wasn’t so sure about the Singapore concoction of play cheat.


Some time ago, I overheard an angry mother of a Malay family who lived somewhere a few levels above mine. She was heard scolding, whom I believed, at her son. The fact that she had voiced out in Malay, so I therefore translated it here in English. Except for that main “double” content =)

The angry mother: “Suka suka you come! Suka suka you go! What do you think this house is!? A hotel!?”

Suka suka, when translated into English, meaning “As you like it.” Suka is Like. It may sounds alright when spoken twice in Malay. But its English translation sounds rather odd (Like like….). So the best choice of words: As you like it =)

Well, even for that matter, whether he liked it or not, he ought to know that even a hotel has its house rules. Pretty obvious, isn’t it =)

That’s it, I guess. Stay tune, cause I better be off getting prepped…

  1. RyAn says:

    The play cheat thingy seems common nowadays. Yes, I find it odd myself. But still couldn’t get you the right answer for that. Haha! =D

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