Trekkies National Day Celebration 09

Posted: August 10, 2009 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                     Stardate: 63609.0 (August 10th, 2009)

Finally its over! Yesterday (August 9th, 2009), for those law enforcement officers, including myself been deployed to perform guard duty for the National Day Parade sure ended up getting a lot of muscle cramps and some, ended up getting big headaches. Especially for those been deployed under traffic. Worth it anyway, cause at the end of the show, each one of us were received an NDP bag filled with goodies! =D Of course, its still not over yet. NDP is every year! And I hope, my team will not been deployed for next year…..

But anyway, earlier went to meet up with some friends from our local Star Trek fansite for a lunch gathering at Funan IT PastaMania. Not just any lunch gathering. But an NDP lunch gathering. We had this every year, as our annual tradition in celebrating the nation’s event and to invite all trekkies for this lunch gathering. Apart from that, we are always been reminded to dressed up in any red and white clothing, as it symbolise the nation’s flag. Of course, by no doubt, there will always be a few among the group who will wear a different colour coating. Well, can’t blame them for it, isn’t it? Hehe…=)

And for this year event, our local founder James Lee wants me to organize it, cause he was currently very busy at this moment of time. Surprise? For me, YES. Seriously, I had never before organized such event within our fansite, let alone being a team leader. Normally, I was told to assist, and sometimes required as backup or when comes to take over a task if that current person had to fall back due to personal reasons. I was a little nervous at first, but then again, this is something I’ve got to learn. I cannot let myself be held back always. I had to motivate myself that I can do it like the others who had organized tons of events in solo before spreading the word. James did advised me into this, that I had to give it a shot. Its okay if we make mistake, cause from there we’ll learn. Its considered that you had volunteered, and also you had confident in yourself. Well, here I go, with a resounding YES =D

He only wants me to locate any suitable halal restaurant. That excludes MacDonald, KFC, Burger King, etc. Also, the restaurant have to be located on such a place whereby its easy for us from where we stayed and that the distance saves us time. Doesn’t have to be near, doesn’t have to be far. Just a perfect distance for our convenience sake. Wow! Its like as though I was been given an objective to search for that particular enemy base before sending the army to eradicate it! =D

Well, doesn’t take me too long to search for one. Cause I just remember that James had once choose PastaMania located at Funan IT Mall for our dinner gathering several months back. So why not took it for another round? Besides, he says ANY.. =D And once I confirmed with him the location, time and date, he will posted it inside our forum. At the same time, spread the word to all of our trekkies through email.

Initially, I planned for this gathering on the actual day itself. But because of me been dragged to perform guard duty, I had no choice but to have this gathering today. Furthermore, its a public holiday, and it had always been when the day before was the nation’s birthday =D Its great anyway, cause its still a National Day! Haha! And its fortunate that it falls on my off day!

A few of us were unable to show up. Despite only five of us, we still enjoyed a good lunch. And not to mention how I ended up eating one of their meal which I thought its mine……

Well, its was forgiven anyway. Cause that extra meal was been shared among the rest. Hehe…=)

And of course, there will always be a good story to share =)


  1. kelowanasovereign says:

    Enjoyble Lunch Now U in charge Can Plan More stuff !

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