Like Hell, Like Mad

Posted: August 3, 2009 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                  Stardate: 63590.0 (August 03rd, 2009)

Just the thought of couldn’t resist writing this down once I’ve reached home after reporting off-duty. Outside my bedroom window, the night sky looks like its gonna rain, because there’s rain clouds passing through. Well, assuming there will be =)

Anyway, here’s the catch.

Basically, its easy enough to understand someone when he or she complains that the weather being hot like hell. Obviously, we all were to understood that hell as an extremely burning place. But what if, when someone works or plays like hell, and it has nothing to do with the heat of the fire. Obviously the point, as what I came to know that it was normally used to express extreme effort (just as hell is supposed to be the ultimate in suffering), though not necessarily with negative feelings =)

And interestingly, like mad is similarly expressed as well.

As recently, I overheard from one of the students seated at the back while traveling on a bus. I kinda like his tone of balance “Our good friend just now works like hell. But when he plays, he plays like mad.”

Commonly used, as far as it can go beyond the limit. Same thing goes to when some people were under pressure: “He studies like mad for the upcoming exam. Or else, he’ll get hell from his parents.”

Pick this up from my boss last week: “No choice my friend. Must rush this report like mad! If not, the CO will strangle me for sure.”

Additionally, or strangely indeed, hell can also be somewhat versatile and kinda expressive word: “There’s hell of a lot of food left over at the end of the party.”

And by the thoughts where it comes, I just expressed it earlier during the rush hours of morning shift while manning counterduty: “Damn it man! Its been one hell of a day!”

I personally add in more juice to what was been heard by many =)

“He loves her hell of a lot.”
“Hell of a sickening day!”
“Let’s get the hell out of here!”
“What the hell!”

Good Heavens! Some people even swear with the word too, and was obviously becoming a common nasty remark:
“Go to hell!”

  1. RyAn says:

    Haha! What the hell man! Actually, there’s also the “Damn Hell!” But of course, hardly heard. But I once do heard it from one dude when I was in the train. =D

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