Expletives….Or Just Words….

Posted: July 31, 2009 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                           Stardate: 63581.0 (July 31, 2009)

Nothing much of a challenge due to yesterday’s (July 30, 2009) morning shift. Unless you want to know the whole story in how I ended up been glued to the roadside and getting all the nonsense from this idiot just because I summon his BMW sport car for parking on the double zigzag lines. Of course, some typical officers will reveal their true colours when they felt been pissed off. Seriously, I wasn’t in a mood for that yesterday, unless he challenge me. So I just stood before him like a schoolboy been scolded by his teacher. Except that yesterday was a monster raging out in fury over a $70 summom ticket, and that he accused us that we “officers got nothing better to do but take our money!”

What I did? I simply put up the best of Ronald MacDonald’s silly smile while listening to his speech that includes such “beautiful words.” Man, I never seen anyone been so agitated over a summon ticket! The lecture finally ended, in what seems like an ertinity, and he drove away. Still cursing, fuming and grumbling. Since his fancy hotwheel had the rooftop left opened, I yelled bacl at him: “Ok, have a nice day ahead!” At the same time, I waved.

What a moron! To hell with this sport car! He really need to go back to driving school!

Errr……did I just reveal the whole story?

And in a matter of speaking of those “wonderful words”, let me phrase out for this latest entry. Due to alongside the imported Oh God! My God! Good God! Oh my goodness! and Good Heavens! is the unmistakable Alamak! or Malay origin. Wasn’t it amazing how universally we always looked up when we want to scream our heads off? Or even slapped our forehead for that matter? This reminds me about few months back during a colleague’s birthday party. I was been introduced to one of his friends, who was a psychologist. I soon came to know that he was also a devoted Christian. To him, he thinks that such expression are blasphemous when one of the guests was heard saying: “Oh God!” over something. Instead, he exclaims, “My word!” and “Godfathers!” I soon came to know through research, that others even turned to the animals, “Holy cow!” and “Holy mackerel!”

Here comes the most profound categories. Other expressions such as Shit! are not quite as pleasant. But it was commonly heard nowadays. Reminds me of the time when a friend of mine uttered, “Oh shit,” with his eyes looked down. I followed his gazed, and what a surprised it was. He just stepped onto a dog shit!

And guys, seriously, till now I don’t really know how Basket! become a swear word among students just to replace the stronger and forbidden Bas_ _ _ _! In the same family are Idiot! Bloody fool! and Bloody Hell! Commonly, there’s the all time famous Damn!

Teenagers nowadays, influenced by American movies usually live through phrases of experimental vogue language. And I’m referring to those impressionable type. Not all! That’s the so-called nerds. The local equivalent, as what I came to know is sotong. Malay word for squid. Would you agreed?

Lastly, the infamous word of all. Majority heard when the person expressed such total anger, like total destruction! To curse like hell against another. A single word heard through the air! Also refer when a couple of the opposite sex is “engage.” A context that makes one feel good to hear it from their own mouth. However, for some, especially those who were not used to shoot vulgar remarks would rather censored that four-letter word before they screamed profanity: “What a fish!”

  1. joe says:

    Haha…yeah man! Your blog super good! =D Yes, I’m one of the officers who will normally exploded if someone like that average dude go pissing me off! haha! =D

  2. RyAn says:

    Cool! And yes, the term coin as “Basket” were so common these days. keke…=)

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