Free For Dinner?

Posted: July 27, 2009 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                          Stardate: 63570.0 (July 27th, 2009)

Two days ago (July 25th, 2009), I set out to embark to Marina Square where I was been tagged to had dinner with few of the SPI (Singapore Paranormal Investigators) gang. Its quite trilling for me actually, cause the day before (July 24th, 2009), I was been invited for a barbecue gathering at the HomeTeam NS Adventure Chalet which was at Bukit Batok. Then the following day, dinner at Marina Square. The same goes to my comrades from Singapore Star Trek fansite, as I had never been this happy to had such good friends from both sides. Both of the same mirror but leads to a different path of community. I’ve really learn a lot from both =)

Besides, its my 2nd off day. And since I’m free and got nothing better to do, why not take this opportunity and joined them just to kill those remaining hours of boredom before lights out. Anyway, met up with one of them at Bedok MRT station as promise, and soon were on the way to Marina Square where the train were traveling at warp speed factor 5. (Oops, sorry about that Star Trek thingy. Hehe….)

We will have dinner at the food court of Marina Square, where it had a splendid view of Marina Bay if seated facing the glass window. We planned to meet at 1900hrs, and both of us were already there earlier. While waiting for the rest to show up, I took some shots of the view.

Central Business District

A National Day Rehearsal taking place. Looks at those sky divers!

Marina Square

The rest of them soon shows up few minutes before 1900hrs, with the last one joining us at……2000hrs. Like the last reinforcement to reckon with =D But the rest of us had already gobbled up our dinner before she arrives, cause one of us had his stomach started making noise…..

Next was the usual part, where we share stories of the past, present, future, the new frontier, the Earth, the moon and the sky and whatsoever. Its down to the beginning of something that has become all too familiar. Hah! =D

Then our dear friend who had arrived late had suggested that we should have coffee somewhere. Sounds thoughtful, but the question is where? Seriously, I hardly came here! Then, she came out with another brilliant idea, as to why not we go to Clarke Quay where we can enjoyed the relaxation next to the Singapore River. We might even catch the full moon. Sounds intriguing, as I hardly been there also. If you asked me why, I just didn’t have any time for it!

But it appears that it wasn’t a brilliant idea after all. One good reason, cause on that evening, many people had came to watch the National Day rehearsal which took place at the Marina Platform. So to be expected, thousands of them will started to infest the surrounding vicinity, and by no doubt their infestation will stretches all the way down to the river side =D So we ended up going around in circles to find the best possible spot.

The side of Suntec City came into view. And near to its taxi stand, there’s Starbucks.

Did anyone says coffee just now?

Its one hell of a perfect place! =D There’s a new flavor just recently arrived in the little town of Starbucks. Unfortunately, I didn’t take a photo of the caffeine poster. But its got something to do with jelly in the coffee… in the jelly…..I think. Sounds indifferent. Maybe I will have a taste of it when I visited Starbucks again in the future =)

I just love mixing up some of the best photos together =)


So here we are. Talking crap the whole night around the table. Even pickup some “useful” phrase along the way. Those who had gathered on that night will probably know what I’m talking about when you guys read this. Hehe…=) It got something to do with being desperate and search through YouTube. Well, I didn’t want to give in any further thought, so I’ve decided to let the readers judge by themselves! Hah! =D

Oh, did I say that even “Star Trek” was mentioned as well? Cause there’s a particular person in the clan who really needs to attend Starfleet Academy cause she seems baffled as to why “the amount of air supply wasn’t sucked out when the U.S.S Enterprise E deliberately crashes into the Reman mighty vessel.” Even despite she wasn’t really interested into it at all. Haha! =D

Oh well, whatever!



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