Eat Rubbish

Posted: July 14, 2009 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                    Stardate: 63535.0 (July 14th, 2009)

Well, the only way to kill the day’s boredom was to patch up the final touches to my latest self-made Federation starship. Normally would be gluing my eyes to the computer. But currently, it suffered a fever and a technician I know will come down to my place and try to resolve it. Sure, I do have a laptop with me. Those mini types, but normally used it when I’m outside. I always prefer the big screen when I’m indoors =D

So before I poured out my latest blog, I was the whole time patching up those areas of the starship that needs to be patch. And to see whether any of those areas need to be detail as well. Laying out a pile of rubbish all over my computer desk. And….oh yah, speaking of rubbish, the thought of it triggers me in what I’ve heard from the past, as I have always found this expression strange: “Let’s buy some rubbish to eat.” How can anyone ever eat rubbish and enjoys it? NO offense, but it seems many Singaporeans do! =) And to be frank, I do heard a few of these been said still goes about.

Literally, “rubbish” the edible sort for this case, refers to a common variety of tidbits such as sweets, kanas (preserved olives), peanuts, cuttlefish, potato chips, even dried fruits that you can find at a supermarket or a mama shop. For the mama shop, it is operated by an Indian/Indian Muslim that sells what that was been mentioned above. Even the most surprises ones sometimes, besides a collection of magazines, candies, cereals, glass marbles, light bulbs and even……..condoms. And commonly, they were located at the void deck of an Housing Development Board (HDB), or simple, a flat. Furthermore, this small-time operations is the kind of thing whereby children will always find it such a treat when they had only a few coins to spare =)

For the rubbish thingy, hmmm….some might say, it was seemingly most inappropriate term to describe those treats to the palate. Well said, but could the reason be that those tidbits are really superfluous to our diet? Food we could do without and yet not feel starved or in any way, errr……nutritionally deficient? And speaking as a-matter-of-factly, could this be related to junk food as well? I had to admit, I am weak in my Home Economics during my time in secondary school. But this expression does baffles me…=S

And yet, there’s also the so-called plausible explanation that I had came across, and usually the “best line of defense” from a mother’s admonition to her child, as not to eat rubbish as it will destroyed one’s appetite for the nutritional food served during meal times.


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